There are a lot of spots in the big city to fulfil all your photography needs and wants. What I mean is by the most photogenic places in London, or the places to get the best images. There are a lot of places to choose from, as well as some places you could discover by further exploring the city, yet these are just some that could sum up how the city is just right in a picture frame.

Brick Lane

Located in the east of London, this area houses some of the most interesting street art in the city. Art is found in lots of the walls of the city, as too with the shops and mix of culture in the area.

South Bank

After a tiring touristy day, a good idea would be to just sit down by the river Thames in South Bank. A view of the river, the London Eye, and several other tourist attractions would make up the skyline of London that would be a perfect frame in your camera, especially in the golden hours as well as night time.

London Parks

This big city is also home to several big parks that are lush green in the right seasons, and turns into these beautiful gradient colours as autumn comes. The first park that would be good to go photo-hunting is Primrose Hill. There, you could easily see one of the best views of the city, and if you are lucky and the weather is nice, you could even catch the sunset there. In addition to Primrose Hill, you could also see some great views in Hampstead Heath Park in the north of London.

The next one would be the renowned Hyde Park. A large park that is home to a large number of random activities done by people that would be a great object for photo-hunting.

Notting Hill

The style of houses are different in every country, and what other way to see a some typical London flats than in the Notting Hill area. Colourful doors colourful buildings as well quaint shops and the market that is held every other day, all great objects of photography.