Can you remember a time before the ‘Selfie’ revolution hit our society?

Seems like it’s been a part of our everyday life for a while now, though the latest hit is the ‘Selfie Stick’. I won’t lie I was against it from the start until I realised the benefits it has for solo travellers.

I’m a wanderlust by nature, I can’t imagine my life without the discovery of travelling to places I can’t even pronounce. So for people like me, this is great advancement for our journeys!

How many times have we come across this phrase, “excuse me, could you erm, take a picture of me please… yep, right there, press that button, got it? Ok. Thanks so much! “Of course the first thing you do is have a look at the picture, by the time you look up and ask the stranger if they can retake the picture they’re long gone!

Well that ends today if you haven’t bought a ‘Selfie Stick’ yet, what are you waiting for?!
You get all the perks, no awkward moments of plucking up the courage to ask strangers to take a picture of you. Instead you get the divine feeling of snapping as many shots of yourself with no hassle at all.

Were you aware most of these ‘Selfie Sticks’ are smart? As in they come wired up and you can connect them to your smart phones via Bluetooth, some even have a remote control too! – Those are actually my personal favourites, it allows you to take all those in the moment pictures without all the hassle.

An added benefit is that not only can you take pictures but you can also video record too! The quality of the videos will always be great, given the factor the ‘Selfie Stick’ provides great stability for those long panoramic shots we all love documenting when travelling.

By this point I’ve probably already sold it to you, right?  So I’ll cut to the chase!

You most definitely need to get on board if you’re not already on and purchase one of these ‘Selfie Sticks’!

You can pretty much by them anywhere nowadays from as little as £3-£7!

Solo Travellers out there this is a must buy gadget to take with you on your next adventures, bon voyage!