Have you ever wondered how people’s Instagram pictures look so professional and artsy? The truth is: not everyone uses photoshop to edit their photos. You also don’t have to be an artsy-creative-photographer or own a DSLR camera to take beautiful pictures. All the editing you need can be done right from your smart phone.

Below are apps that you can download from your smart phone to make your photos Instagram-worthy:

  1. VSCO Cam (Free for iPhone and Android users): VSCO Cam comes with a lot of different filters you can choose from. You can also manage the amount of brightness, contrast, and the filter.
  2. Afterlight ($0.99 for iPhone and Android users): Afterlight will make your pictures look like they have been edited for a magazine with their 74 filters. 14 of the filters are Guest Filters by various Instagram users. It also provides frames for your pictures to give them that Instagram-worthy touch.
  3. Whitagram (Free for iPhone and Android users: This app will allow you to post your entire photo in order to fit the square format on Instagram. You don’t always have to crop it! Whitagram also has a variety of colors to choose from for your frame.
  4. Moldiv (Free for iPhone and Android users): Think of Moldiv as your new scrapbook. This app allows you to combine different photos to make a scrapbook, a magazine spread, or a poster. You can also add text to your images. This one is a must!