Bikins, sunshine, beaches… these are the most common images of summer. But what about fruits? They’re all the rage on Instagram.

Here’s 10 ways you can incorporate fruits in your next photo shoot at the beach! Enjoy!

1. In front of a fruit stand

Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd has it down. One of the easiest ways to pose with fruits is, obviously, in front of a fruit stand. With vibrant colors in the background, you’ll be sure to score a lot of likes.

2. Take fruits as clothes

Remember those image’s of the slanting Pisa tower and you standing right in front of it? We’ll you can do something similar with fruits. Make them your dress or skirt, it’s fun and creative — and sexy!

3. Dogs love fruits, too!

Revolve influencer Negin Mirsalehi has it all – the looks, the boyfriend and the dog, of course! Summer is all about spending time with your loved ones, so grab your furry fellow and enjoy some fruit together!

Make it tropical

Pineapples are one of our favorite tropical fruits, and they should be yours, too. With some peace and love, they are perfect signs for summer!

5. Wear it as a headdress

Hats and headbands are so yesterday. Get your creative juices flowing with a wonderful fruity headdress of fruit. It’s a great way to keep summer on your mind!

6. Or as a necklace

If headwear is not your thing, but you still want to have a fashionable summer, maybe a necklace is more your style. With the varieties of colors that fruit come in, there is no doubt you can find the perfect neckalce. However a word of caution, it might be best to get small fruit unless your neck muscles are on point for carrying around watermelons!

7. Use fruit to cover up

Fruit can make wonderful dresses and skirts, but what about bras? Maybe just ask Celeste Barber and you might see her point. However, probably best to take this photo in a private location. Remember we don’t want little ones to see.

8. Just a nice and easy fun pose

If all this crazy neckless, headdress, and bra fruit-wearing is making you a little uneasy, don’t worry, fruit can look good in any pose. This one from Zoella shows how a quick pose with fruit can create an elegant photo opportunity.

9. Flotation device (caution, not with real fruit)

Although fruits are delicious and fun to look at, they do not make great floaties. However, fake fruit is great to have around the pool. Plus they make a sweltering summer day a little cooler.

10. Use fruit as a bandana

Wear that hair down with those magic beach waves and throw on some beautiful fruit. These bright combinations can really bring out your eyes and give a fun beach vibe to any outfit.

All in all, fruit can be used for so many things, from a simple snack to a cool bandana. Spice up your Instagram feed and have a great time showing all the useful ways fruit can have in our lives. Have fun and enjoy the freshness!