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MADRID, SPAIN. Where would you like to go today — without having to leave the city? MADbudget has prepared a weekly guide of activities for you to enjoy. Many of them are free, or for a small fee, so get ready to have fun in the city and be sure to check This Week in Madrid regularly for weekly updates!


"La cometa",  by Francisco de Goya | National Prado Museum

“La cometa”, by Francisco de Goya | National Prado Museum

“Goya in Madrid” presents a collection of tapestry cartoons created by Francisco de Goya for Sitios Reales. It reflects all the aspects of the Madrid people: from the happiness of celebrations and parties to the sadness and violence. In addition, it exhibits paintings and sculptures that serve as inspiration, as well as cartoons of other artists. Some of Goya’s works displayed are “Carlos III, Cazador,” “Perros en Traílla,” and “El Juego de Pelota a Pala.”

The exhibition can be visited at the Prado Museum (C/ Ruiz de Alarcón, 23). It will take place until the 3rd of May during the following hours:

Mondays to Saturdays from 10 to 20 h

Sundays and holidays from 10 to 19 h

From 10 to 18 h (until 17 h on Sundays and holidays), the general entrance fee costs 14€, and reduced price of 7€. In the remaining hours, the general entrance fee will be 8€, and reduced price of 3.50€.

For more information: Prado Museum


Iván Santacruz | Madrid Activa

Iván Santacruz | Madrid Activa

This beginner workshop will teach you card games, and depending on the progression of the course, they will create one or two magic games that you can later take home.  In the same way, each student will acquire his or her own deck.

It will take place on Thursday, April 23 at 10.30 h, in the Vicálvaro Sociocultural Center (C/ Lago Titicaca, 10).

The entrance is free up to full capacity.

For more information: Active Madrid


Water Eyes | esMadrid

Water Eyes | esMadrid

“Water Eyes” is an adaptation of the highlights of Fernando de Roja’s classic work. It stars Charo López, with live music by Fran García and Antonio Trapote. It is a “monologue about a time enjoyed and lost, sex as pleasure and weapon, beauty as a gift and curse, and the joy of living despite everyday.”

The work will be showcased on poster until the 26th of April, in the Spanish Theater (Margarita Xirgu), located on C/ Príncipe, 25. It will be Tuesdays to Saturdays at 20:30 h, and Sundays at 19:30 h.

The ticket costs 22€ (with a 25% discount on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays).

For more information: Spanish Theater


Fourth Millennium

Fourth Millennium

The well-known program Cuatro directed by Iker Jiménez returns to the screen, with two-thirds of the materials unpublished in the 2012 exhibition. It emphasizes a reconstruction of las Caras de Bélmez kitchen, as well as all the tests and photographs taken by the team in this place. In addition, it represents terror characters of different cultures and curious zoological creatures.

This exhibition will take place from April 13 to 26 at Casa de América (Plaza de Cibeles, s/n), with entrance every hour.

The entrance fee costs 12€ (6 for children up to 10 years old). You can buy tickets online or more information: Fourth Milenio.