Mother’s Day in the U.S. is quickly approaching [May 10, 2015] and sometimes it can be difficult deciding what to buy for your mother. You want to make sure you buy the perfect gift to make her feel appreciated and special but, some mothers can be a little picky. No need to stress. I have created a quick gift guide that can hopefully inspire you when searching for the perfect gift.

  1. Mango Pebbled Tote Bag: Women can never have too many bags. This one would be perfect for an everyday bag to put all your daily essentials in. Mom would love it
  2. The Gift of Wellness: What better way to show your mom appreciation by paying for a full day at the spa? This gift card is “accepted at over 8,000 locations nationwide,” according to Spa Week Media Group.
  3. New Balance U420: Comfortable sneakers will never disappoint; they are timeless and versatile. Not only will your mom walk around comfortably, but she will do so in style!
  4. Peonies: Flowers are always a go-to. When in doubt, buy your mom her favorite flowers. Surprise her with them at her job or her house. They will definitely make her feel special.
  5. Thank You Letter: Materialistic things are always nice as a gift but a hand-written thank you letter is definitely more meaningful. Try something new and write a letter expressing how truly grateful and appreciative you are. This is something she will want to keep forever.
  6. Edible Arrangement: Surprise your mom with a delicious edible arrangement filled with her favorite fruits. They have so different bouquets and arrangements to choose from!
  7. Dogeared ‘Mom’ Pendant Necklace: This dainty necklace is also a very timeless piece. She can wear this piece as a reminder of how much you love her.
  8. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch: Watches are a great gift. Stylish and beneficial. Choose the perfect size and color, and she’s ready to go!
  9. Spending Time Together: As cool and fun it can be to buy your mom the perfect gift, spending time with her is priceless. Taking the time out of your day to sit down and share the intimate child-and-mother time can really make her happy. As an adult, busy schedules can get in the way of visiting our parents often which is why they value each minute you do get to see them.