I can help you. Sit down and carefully read this text. Where are you running to life? Your body happy? You feel harmony?
Concrete jungle cities kills our feelings. We are continuing to dont feel the taste of life.
If you want to be happy, you have something to do.
You know where to find peace?
– Outdoors
– With friends
– Sitting in the park
– Embrace
– Family
You know where you can take inspiration?
– Read the book
– Preparing a delicious breakfast
– Embracing a loved one
– Traveling
Living every day puts to its knees. Because you have the strength to climb!
Your soul needs spiritual food. Every day, call relatives. Do it right and you will return.Smile often. Travel. Loving one person. Walk in nature. Listen to good music.Go views. Tell me what you’re afraid to say. Walk night city. Sing from the heart.
Second chance will not, therefore, use this.
Do not be afraid to do something. It’s your life and only you decide. 

But the main thing: do what you love, love what you are doing.
Do what makes you smile. The thing that your eyes glow. The thing that burns the heart. What calms.
Do anything.