Mango is one of the most popular fruit worldwide, which attracts people by delicious flavor and beautiful shades of color. In India, this fruit symbolizes life and it was used in many sacred rituals, festivals and wedding decoration. Nowadays, India is a number one mango producer in the world, whereas China, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico also cultivate this tasty exotic fruit.

Many people consumed mango without even knowing of all of health advantages contained in the product. Take a look at 7 basic benefits of mango consuming and you’ll understand why it is considered as ‘the King of Fruits’’


  1. Cleans Skin

Mix mashed mango, honey, milk and body scrub is ready to use! It’ll leave the skin silky and soft because mango consists of beta-carotene – a nutrient that helps prevent dull skin.

  1. Improves Eyesight

Mango is rich of vitamin A, which prevents dry eyes and promotes good eyesight. One cup of sliced mango gives 25% of daily need of vitamin A.

  1. Fights Cancer 

Researchers show that mango is a fruit which helps to protect against cancer of the breast, colon and prostate.

  1. Strengthens Immune System

Your immune system will stay strong and healthy due to vitamin C, A and 25 kinds of carotenoids.

  1. Improves memory skills

Cannot concentrate on homework and memorize important information? Mango is rich in glutamine acid- significant protein which positively affects concentration and memory.

  1. Prevents Diabetes.

It might be hard to believe, but mango is able to reduce cholesterol and prevent diabetes. Mangoes contain exclusively natural sugar, which doesn’t affect the blood sugar in your body.

  1. Improves Sex Drive

Surprising, huh? Mango is rich of vitamin E, which improve sex drive in humans.



Remember that there are many ways to eat mango. For example, you can put mango cubes either in fruit salads or dessert. You choose!

Stay healthy and happy with mango!