Fashion comes and goes. Literally.

There have been a few items that have made a major comeback in the fashion world. A few of these items that you probably never would have thought of wearing ever. I’m guilty for this!

A huge comeback have been high waisted jeans. I remember the days (late 90’s early 2000’s) where low-rise were in style and you were considered “weird” or “different” if you wore any other jeans. But now, you basically cannot go a day without seeing them on someone.

Gladiator sandals are a pair of shoes that come and go in fashion. They were super popular a few years ago, disappeared, and are super trendy now once again. Check out these cute gladiator sandals from ASOS.

Overalls. They bring back childhood memories. My overalls were probably the most comfortable piece of clothing I ever owned…when I was 7. Now I am dying to look for a new pair! They can be dressed up or down. Casual outfit for the day transformed to a chic night out outfit. Forever21 has cute and inexpensive overalls here.

Suede and jean skirts make me think of That 70’s Show. Who would’ve thought they’d be back?

Birkenstocks. My aunt used to own these and I would just think to myself: “what are those?!” Birkenstocks have always been known for their comfort. It’s only a plus that they’re stylish too. Comfort + stylish = ultimate score/dream!

Jelly sandals. They come in almost every color! Try styling them with socks for a different look.

What other trends do you think will make a comeback?