Whether or not you’re a first time globetrotter, finding the cheapest accommodation in any chosen destination is like scoring that winning three pointer in a game of basketball.

So when does your research start? What key words should you use? How much time should you spend looking for your accommodation? What if it isn’t safe?

Does it feel like I am bombarding you with a number of questions you don’t yet have the answer to?

If that’s the case (which I’m pretty sure is) I’m delighted to inform you I have some top tips to try help you find the cheapest accommodation in Madrid, but also applicable when travelling elsewhere too.

Let’s begin:

It is very important before any set travel to have a budget set aside – yes I know, at times this is hard to do, I’m aware there is so much to consider but meet me half way will you?
I know there’s a figure floating around inside your head, so let’s take that and use it as our guide.

You’re spending three weeks in Madrid, that’s a total of 21 days (oh I’m total mathematician, can’t you tell) for a standard hotel you’re looking at a cost of €1,000 but who seriously wants to spend that amount when I can share with you how it’s possible to almost half that cost if not lower it and still have a great time!

Research early! Use the internet to your advantage it will become your strongest weapon to use. At least give yourself a minimum of one month. You need to know where you want stay, what form of transport is available – which is the cheapest of all, what kind of places you want to visit. These will become your key words.

Could you believe me if I told you we now live in a world where staying in Hotels is not the only form of accommodation out there?
Oh yeah, I’ll let that information sink in for a bit.

Heads up!
The lifestyle you wish to have when travelling will limit your accommodation of choices when you’re on a budget.

Ask yourself this question, what type of globetrotter are you?

1. Do you want to explore, discover and wander through the unknown?
2. Is a king sized bed really how you want to experience this entire new journey?
3. Is that cheeky room service we all crave for a necessity? (yes, guilty as charged)

You can have the full package without sacrificing anything, you just need to choose selectively when to have what and where.
Most of you probably selected option one, who wouldn’t right – that’s the dream.

Whilst travelling over the years hostels have become my dearest friends, they’re nothing cut out to those horror stories we have all heard. Matter of fact, they’re some of the most fascinating places I have had the pleasure of staying at!

The whole point of travelling is meeting new people and exploring isn’t it? So what better way to do that at place that caters for all those needs at a very cheap price? Who’s winning now? – you are!

Places to check out are http://www.hostelworld.com, http://www.hostelbookers.com, http://www.hihostels.com, http://nomadsworld.com, http://www.lonelyplanet.com the list goes on but those are some of the best places to navigate, they will take you to several other portals where you potentially will find something you’re looking for.

However I will point out from now, it is very important to double check and triple check each source, never go by solemnly what the review of that one source says.

If you’re staying in the City make sure to not stay right in heart of it, I don’t even need to explain why, you know the answer to that.

Next! : If you haven’t already heard of Airbnb, where have you been hiding for the last five years? It’s a room letting website that fits into a collaborative form of consumption. You simply share, swap or rent your possessions. All you have to do is search the place you wish to stay at, select the amount of days, your budget and bamn! There you have it, hundreds of listing one click away.

Here’s an example: one double bedroom, wifi, heating, kitchen, dryer, parking for 21 days €420 including a service charge fee at 20 minute distance from the city centre via metro. 
I’ve even left you the link:


Last but not least, negotiate, let me break that down for you:


No price is ever the final price!
Never f-o-r-g-e-t that.
Be resourceful, if you don’t know the language find someone who does!
A simple favour bank won’t harm anyone.

Most of all, remember to have fun.