When you first come to Madrid, there are many things you can do all over the beautiful city. There are museums, sports (if it’s in season), bullfights, tours of Royal Palace and enjoying the amazing Spanish food that the restaurants have to offer. What about when attractions close? Here in Madrid, there’s so much to do while enjoying the Nightlife of Madrid. If you are coming here on a budget, the smartest thing to do is to have fun but get all of your moneys worth.


It’s customary to go out until the sunrises. 6am is usually when everyone starts heading home since that’s when the Metro reopens! One of the best spots to visit to really experience Madrid’s Nightlife and really get a club atmosphere is “The Roof.” It’s a cocktail bar located in Plaza De Santa Ana 14. The admission is a bit high at 25 euros but with the price a beautiful of Madrid. They do have a sophisticated dress code, so make sure you dress to impress! It’s open on Wed-Thus 9pm-3am & 9pm to 3:30am Fri-Sat.


If you are looking for a cheaper option and want to the club vibe, visit Stella, one of Madrid’s popular nightclubs for 12 euro per person. Thu-Sun 12:30am-6am, it’s located at Calle de Arlaban 7.


Besides clubbing and cocktail bars, you can also go to places with lots of entertainment like Sala El Sol, a music venue that plays various types of music for all kinds of music lovers. It’s a beautiful venue that has tons of artists play all summer long. It’s open July-Sept 11:00pm-5: 30am. It’s between 8-25 euro depending on the act. To check cost and performances visit: www.ensolmad.com


For Jazz fans, there’s also Café Central in Plaza De Angel. The cost is between 10-15 euros for entry while enjoying one of the best Jazz clubs in Madrid. They’re known for having over 9000 shows played with various artists that come and perform from all over the world. It’s open from 1:30pm-2: 30am Thu-Sun & 1:30pm-3: 30am Fri & Sun. For shows and times visit: www.cafecentralmadrid.com.