A journey, or a trip you take is somewhat sacred. You experience new things, you change, you learn, and you become different from the person you were before the journey. Especially the ones when you have all the energy to walk up those flight of stairs, walk all over and to the edge of a city, and hike up some glorious trails.

There are numerous ways one can do to document it all and make the trip permanent. Though cliche, but most tend to neglect it.

The first and foremost common thing you could do is take pictures and videos. To bring your camera is the one of the most important things if you want to capture it all. This may sound the most cliche, but to pick just the right camera for the right trip is crucial, as well some choices of lenses for your camera according to the object of pictures on would want to take, some waterproof equipment, bags, and more. The modern day inventions could actually capture those moments experienced, eventhough they leave out the feeling you got at that time. A good tip is to actually print the pictures. By looking at those prints, it would be an occasion itself, or you could even stick them on your wall.

The next thing, which some people have already left out, is a journal. It might be oldschool, but a small journal would not be a literal burden and it would be important to write out stories just right after it happened. To write out all the bits and pieces of your journey on the day it happened would be a treat to yourself in the later days. To read those writings in the future would be to discover those details that you would have forgotten otherwise, not captured by the pictures, and could even make you laugh and reminisce for a bit.

Furthermore, that could rather coincide by keeping a journal, is to keep all the tickets, brochures, stickers, and other stuff unique to the places you have been to and gone through. You could also stick those somewhat documents onto the journal, whilst specifically writing about the transaction, or train trip, or even the person who gave you the document. It’s all about the details one can look back to.

And this one would need you to get your wallet out for a bit. Buying souvenirs is  quite  a common thing, though an interesting way to deal with them is to buy one specific item in each country or city you visit. It will eventually show the difference of each place eventhough packaged as the same item. You could, for instance, collect ashtrays, snow globes, even simple postcards from each country.

The last, but will never be the least is, to embrace the experience whilst you go through it, try to live in that experience and not be distracted. The mind as well as the proof will then go align. Keep the experiences permanently in your mind and all documentation would be well worth the effort. So, plan your trip, go, but do not forget to bring these memory keepers.