Technology has chained our society. In the last century the phenomenon of technology expansion and internet is considered as an opened window to the world of globalization, or at least most of us bear this belief.

We cannot deny the advantages that technology and internet offers us, because then I would not be writing related to this issue. Nowadays, can be difficult to find a person who does not possesses a Facebook, Instagram, twitter account or personal blogs. This can be presumed to be one of the positive sides of internet, bringing closer and making possible the exchange of new ideas and innovations in an inconsiderable time. Do social media have a positive impact over society and specifically over the youth? Of course all of us benefit from these websites taking into account that they are the first meeting place, inform about trends and news related to fashion, showbiz, government, economy, technology, online business and other opportunities that can be needed to expand knowledge.

The real question is: “Does there exist a limit to the application of these websites?” Everyone who possesses one of these accounts is at least one time per day active with photos, links, statuses and this extends to addiction. It is really regrettable when you see youngsters of age 13-25 who abuse and waste time being online. Directly this influences youth in distracting and avoiding their aims, educational duties or hobbies.

The usage of these new informative and communicative methods “destructs” the real meaning of life privacy. Everyone is posting stuff from the daily life and editing personal information not taking into the consideration that they are viewed by hundreds or thousands of other people.

Through these postings people begin to delude or inspire others life, bringing unconscious competitiveness using photos or statuses. It can be obviously understand that people are not enjoying life in its fullest, since their main effort goes to post life- moments in internet.  Sometimes these websites can foster debates relating to different hot topics such as racism, gender or personal discrimination.

Parents all the time try to satisfy their children desires. In the 21st century a child refuses a doll, toy or a book, because their most preferable present is a smartphone, iPad, or PC. The above-mentioned websites do not have a security concern for the under-age users. Having a Facebook account can be too harmful for a child since there can meet different types of individuals and reading impermissible stuff.

Social media are really destroying some basic concepts over which society is build. We lack privacy, we do not know the meaning of childhood, we aspire to be others and damage through our postings. Society does not understand and appreciate the vital things in life such as friendship, relationship and growing free, but this is not its fault.