Summer is not just around the corner, it’s definitely here, finally. Be it camping, road trips, hiking, going back to your home town, going to the beach, a week tropical islands,  or even just staying at home, these 15 songs, in no particular order and no borders of genre, could probably be best be in this year’s summer playlist you have going on. So, look these songs up, put them in your playlist, exult the glorious weather, and enjoy the sunny ride that summer has willingly offered us.

Nomadic Firs – Cover Bomb (Odesza Edit)

The right song to start. Start the day, start the trip, to just simply, start.

Wetsuit – The Vaccines

With festivals roaming around these summer months, the right thing to do would be to make the time, lock in the squad, secure the tickets, and just go. A few days of good music, good friends, and good weather, and everything in between, The Vaccines may have made just the right song for it all.

Mexico – Laura Marling

Take a stroll, roll down the windows of your car to welcome the warm breeze, and this old song from the British singer-songwriter would be the perfect company. It may actually encourage you to plan and go to your next trip, maybe to Mexico?

T-Shirt Weather – Circa Waves

Leave all the sweaters, jackets, and socks that cover up your cold feet. This song will get you pumped up and go through the months of sun-kissed skin, flip flops, shorts and T-shirts.

Mi Negrita – Devendra Banhart

One amongst the lot of songs that just perfectly puts you at ease.

Ease your Feet in the Sea – Belle and Sebastian

As the title sings, this Scottish band does make sense in terms of telling you to, well, ease your feet in the sea.

Wasting Time – Jack Johnson

All Jack Johnson songs are best put beside you and your visit to the beach, doing nothing, on a hammock, under a tree soaking up those sun rays that filters through the leaves leaving sparkles and dazzle in your closed eyes. This particular does celebrate the wonders of wasting time, well if you enjoyed it, it is not necessarily wasted right?

Honey in the Sun – Camera Obscura

Another song to kick start the day, and add to it some enthusiasm and high spirited hearts.

The Only Place – Best Coast

Celebrating all those hometowns where the ocean waves go side by side your daily activities and warm air fills the space.

Del Monton – Destroyer

Imagine sipping some wine in the Spanish countryside whilst the sun is setting.

Cooking up Something Good – Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco has his ways in making all the juices flow just the way it should. Everything is as the famous phrase; just sit back and relax.

Summer Days – Phoenix

The title and lyrics from this French band explains it all.

Into Yesterday – Sugar Ray

A little precipitation will not ruin a trip, a song to embrace the summer rain.

Warm Foothills – Alt J

As warm as the jacket that protects you from that cold mountain breeze, the tree that hugs all the scorching sunlight, or the coffee you make in the chilly summer mornings.

Outro – M83

A perfect song to celebrate your journey to the peak of the mountain, catch a sunset, to end the day, to end the trip, to accompany your travels home, and embrace all the experiences that you have earned.