Are you missing the taste of a good ale from the Old Country? Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the local drinks in Madrid and fancy a piece of home. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few ex-pat pubs for Brits and Americans staying in Madrid which might be worth checking out.

A Guinness or two

One Irish pub which comes highly recommended is O’Connell’s, which can be found by the large central metro station Sol. It is in a very busy location but the actual pub is nice slice of home if you hail from that part of the world. The classic beers and ales are sold here, along with a decently-priced full Irish breakfast to help you fill up, cure a hangover or just take a break from tapas. Special nights are organised for things like St Patrick’s Day and of course the main sporting events are all broadcast live on TV.

Catch the footy

Another place to check out is Finnegan’s, which is located by Las Salesas square in the northern part of the city. Equal parts English and Irish, obviously the language barrier won’t exist and similar to other ex-pat pubs there are British drinks (along with various others) on offer. And like O’Connells a great deal of sport is broadcast from here, particularly Premier League matches for fans of the English game, along with rugby and some other sports. You can also get a full range of burgers, sandwiches and other snacks to soak up the alcohol.

Born in the USA

If you’re after some good old American food and drink then La Gringa is the place to go it seems. Various glowing reviews have praised the portion sizes (classic American!), reasonable pricing and good service. Stereotypical American furnishings are also present, complementing the dishes which all hail from the States. If you want mac n’ cheese, hamburgers or steaks then you’ll find them here and much more. Happy hour seems like the time to go but it’s fairly certain that whatever time you go to La Gringa you won’t be disappointed!