Madrid, known for is beautiful buildings, crazy nightlife and having the some of the best museums in the world, but isn’t known for its rich history. Madrid is one of Spain’s modern yet classic cities, according to Go Madrid’s brief history page. It does hold some beautiful historical places all over the city. For coffee lovers, there are several shops all over Madrid that can really give you a taste of “Old Madrid.”


The Café Comercial café: One of the cities oldest café, founded in 1887 during the Spanish era of Bourbon Restoration. The café is know for its coffee and friendly atmosphere. The inside has an old rustic look that gives off a historical feel as you enter the café. It’s located in Central Madrid, Calle Glorieta de Bilbao. From time to time they have events that are held year round. Visit Madrid and have a seat at this café to enjoy a taste of Madrid’s history. More info click here:


Café Gijon: Famous for historical visitors from all over Spain! Like Ruben Dario and Camillo Jose Cela! It opened in 1888, now you can enjoy it’s food and coffee out on it’s terrace during the summer and inside the beautiful café during the winter. The café is located off the Metro stop Colon. For more information:


Café Manuela: Founded in 1979, now known for its wines, tapas, cocktails, specialty coffees, milkshakes, fresh juices and ice cream sundaes. It’s been restored to a more modern feel but the café still holds pictures from its old youth. More information:


Café Del Espejo: “Located in the Paseo de Recoletos. It opened in 1978 with Art Nouveau-style decor, which recreates the atmosphere of the century. It is a meeting place for artists and entrepreneurs.” According to the owner from his website. The shop is a café and restaurant! You can find more information on it’s website :


Circulo De Bellas Artes: Well known for it’s 360 panoramic view of Madrid on it’s roof top, but there’s also a historical cafe on the bottom floor of the building. It was founded in 1926 and originally called the Fishbowl. It was a members only club that held events for wealthy citizens of Madrid. Now it’s open to the public serving delicious food!


Cafe De Ruiz: Located in the Malasana Nieghborhood, first opened in 1977 is the place to go for a Spanish vintage feel and great foods and coffee. They also hold small shows for classic rock fans and Jazz fans! For more info :


Last but not least, Cafe Vailima, for those tea lovers! It’s not as historical as the last six, but it does hold that vintage historical feel when you walk inside. It is a newer cafe opened recently in 2007. Located near Puerta De Acala, It has many delicious treats with over 150 tea flavors to try! for more info


When you’re visiting Madrid, visit one of these 7 places to get a feel of Madrid’s beautiful history!