During my extended stay in Madrid, I found it necessary to learn about the importance of religion for the people and the culture.

Although Catholicism is the largest denomination present in Spain, you can find minor religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam being practiced throughout the country.

Most Spaniards self-identify as Catholics, being baptized into the religion at an early age. However, with the current cultural divide between the older and younger generations, there has been a shift in how and why Catholicism should be practiced. However, I am hopeful that by working together, the older and younger generations can find similarities between themselves and focus on those, in  hopes of rebuilding a strong foundation. Below you will find a list of 10 churches where you can worship at during your stay that will make you feel right at home.

Make sure you call before you attend, as the hours of operations vary.

Parroquia de San Manuel y San Benito


Calle de Alcalá, 83
28009 Madrid
914 35 76 82

Immanuel Baptist Church


Calle de Hernández de Tejada, 4
28027 Madrid
914 07 43 47

International Church of Madrid


Calle Ancora, 23
28044 Madrid
911 39 78 63

Parroquia San Fermín de los Navarros


Paseo de Eduardo Dato, 10
28010 Madrid
913 19 93 07

Iglesia de San José


Calle de Alcalá, 43
28014 Madrid
915 22 67 84

San Jerónimo el Real


Calle de Moreto, 4
28014 Madrid
914 20 30 78

Basilica Pontificia de san Miguel


Calle de San Justo, 4
28005 Madrid
915 48 40 11

Iglesia San Pedro el Real


Calle del Nuncio, 14
28005 Madrid
913 65 12 84

Iglesia de san Nicolás


Plaza de San Nicolás, 6
28013 Madrid
915 59 40 64

Iglesia de San Andrés


Plaza San Andrés, 1
28005 Madrid
913 65 48 71