When summer ends, we begin to wait for the other big annual event, Christmas. Some people have already booked tickets to spend this magical celebration to another city to discover the culture and to be fascinated by the atmosphere cold, but warm at the same time, given from decorations and different traditions. Christmas is the festival aimed at children, but also adults are carried away in the fairytale and at the same time religious world , that winter brings. One of the most interesting ways to travel is to follow the traditional Christmas markets, which transform even the coldest cities in a festival of lights and colors. Europe, from this point of view, offers a wide choice of places where it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the atmosphere of serenity and good humor thanks to the typical Christmas music and hot food and special. Ideal showcase that allows local producers to show themselves to visitors from around the world.

Bolzano, Piazza Walther - Ph. Michele Mariani

Bolzano, Piazza Walther – Ph. Michele Mariani


1. Bolzano – Italy

One of the most famous markets of Italy. Christmas in Bolzano is the most visited in the Alpine area. From November 27 to January 6, you can walk the streets of the small town of South Tyrol and immerse yourself in the offers of enogastronomic manufacturers. In addition to the traditional market, in Town Hall Square is the “Festival of Artistic Market”, where local and international artists exhibit their works of metal, glass, ceramic, wood and more.
2. Madrid – Spain

The most famous Christmas market is held in the capital of Spain. The emblematic Plaza Myor is fully decked for the occasion and many stands for the “Mercado de Navidad”, the oldest one in the country. Since the nineteenth century, exhibitors staying for the entire month of December in the center of the capital, but also the city offers many other events and exhibitions around.
3. Nuremberg – Germany

Over two million visitors for this Christmas market. Nuremberg has an excellent reputation in the world of Christmas events. Despite the harsh climate, tourists from all over the world flock to the streets of the German city every year, walking among the more than 100 stalls decorated with a red cloth. “The small town of wood and cloth” make also a competition among the exhibitors that will compete in the decorations: the most beautiful wins the “Plum Menchesn” gold. Do not miss the Nuremberg sausages and gingerbread.

Paris - Ph. Federica Zanella

Paris – Ph. Federica Zanella

4. Paris – France

Paris is already a magical city, where you can smell the air and bohemian culture from the walls. At Christmas, the magic is double and it will be impossible not to fall in love with the French capital during the Santa Claus month. Paris offers several things to its visitors starting from the markets in the Champs Elysees, Les Galeries Lafayette, La Defense, Le Marché de Noël de Montparnasse, and many cultural events.
5. Einsiedln – Switzerland

The biggest market in Central Switzerland is to Einsiedln. Many sweets and gift ideas in 130 stands in the square, where there are always carols. But not only objects and food, Einsiedln offers such cultural events: museums to shows. A magical pre-Christmas not to be missed. From 29 November to 8 December.