Finding the perfect apartment is never an easy task, especially if you are looking for it in foreign country. Here I am offering you 5 tips on how to hunt down an affordable and nice apartment in Ljubljana.

1. Student dormitory or renting an apartment?

As a foreign student you have two possibilities of residing during the studies in Ljubljana – student dormitory and renting an apartment. Student dormitory is cheaper and you get to experience the most of student life in Ljubljana, but there are limited spots for foreign students. There is always a possibility to get in, but be prepared to rent an apartment.

2. Price

Rents in Ljubljana varies depending on the location of the room, but for single dorms it is usually between 200 and 350 EUR including household expenditures. For the double rooms for students you will have to pay from 100 to 250 EUR, utilities included. If you want to live near city centre expect higher rent. Try to find the apartment near your faculty.

3. Where to look for ads?

Here you have tons of options, but first you need to know what type of apartment you are looking for, your budget and in which neighbourhood. At first I would suggest to try Housing Anywhere, especially if you are only staying for few months, but maybe you will get lucky and get an apartment for a whole year.

Other possibilities: (only in Slovenian)

4. Find help

Searching for an apartment is difficult and you should really get all the help you can find. International Office of the Student Organization of University (SOU) of Ljubljana if offering help to foreign students with accommodation. You can also contact your faculty in Ljubljana or University of Ljubljana if you have some questions. Some faculties have tutors for Erasmus students, or just use Facebook and find some Slovenian colleagues and ask for help.

5. Visit before you rent

It is a lot easier to rent a place if you have seen it for yourself. Do not rely totally on the photos, as they can be very deceiving sometimes. If you have a chance you can come few weeks before you start your Erasmus to meet with potential landlords. See the apartment for yourself before you decide. Another possibility is also to just come in Ljubljana couchsurf or stay in hostel for a week and hunt for apartments during this time. It can be a bit chaotic but I am sure it will pay off. If you have some friends in Ljubljana you can maybe stay with them for a few days or send them to check out your apartment.

6. Other things

Make sure your apartment has everything you need and that you sign a contract only if you understand everything. If it is in Slovenian ask some colleagues to translate it for you. Most likely you will have to pay one or two-months deposit upon signing a contract, which will be refunded at the end of the contract term. I strongly suggest you to ask for help your tutor or SOU so you will not get fooled with expensive rent or some other crazy things.

Wish you good luck!