On the last day of the year we celebrate the past and welcome the new year. Fireworks, food, drinks, friends, music – all of that you can get in Slovenian towns. In Slovenia New Year’s Eve is called Silvestrovo, by Saint Silvester. This is the time when we surround ourselves with family and friends and celebrate it together. Before midnight we head to city/town centers to see the fireworks and toast with champagne to the new beginnings. Come and join us!


On New Year’s Eve you will experience the most if you are in Ljubljana. Free concerts under the stars and fireworks over the Castle of Ljubljana are something that you should not miss if you find yourself in Slovenian capital. On four squares in center of Ljubljana everyone can be pleased.



On Kongresni trg square you will enjoy in two Slovenian most popular bands Tabu and Muff and also very popular Balkan turbofolk band Učiteljice. Trg francoske revolucije square will be crowded with all the lovers of alternative and rock music, with Koala Voice, N’toko, Klemen Klemen and 8 Bomb. On Mestni trg square there will be even more Slovenian popular music. On Pogačarjev trg square you can enjoy in pop and traditional folk music, performed by Ansambel Petan and Face.



In Maribor there aslo several sites to celebrate New Years’s Eve. Celebrating New n Year’s Eve in Maribor will make you a part of the longest tradition of celebrating it in public in Slovenia. On Trg Leona Štuklja square you will party with Karneval Band and Kingstoni and on Grajski trg square with DJ Popi.

Piran and Portorož

If you find yourself at Slovenian coast you can celebrate New Year’s Eve on Tartini trg square. On the very first day of the New Year it is almost a tradition to jump into the sea and wash off the old year so you will be very fresh in the new one. Interested? It is happening in Portorož at 2 pm, followed by music performances and firework.

New Year’s Eve celebrations are happening in almost every town in Slovenia, usually with cultural program and fireworks. All of these outside celebrations are free of course.

Fireburst | Gregor Novak

Fireburst | Gregor Novak

A bit more culture for the old year…

In Ljubljana and Maribor you can start celebrating in theatres and opera house.

SNG Opera in Balet, Ljubljana: The Nutcracker – A Christmas Carol (7 pm)

SNG Maribor: The Barber of Seville (5 pm) and Forever Young (6 pm)

Drama, Ljubljana:  Yugoslavia, My Country (7 pm) and Angel of Oblivion (8 pm)

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana: Patty Diphusa, Confessions of a Porn Star (9 pm) and Tartuffe (8 pm)

Happy Holidays! Jon Matthles

Happy Holidays! Jon Matthles

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

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