Magical. Romantic. Glamorous. That is Budapest, a city made up by villages of Buda and Pest, which shines with its inner elegance and majesty. Linked to almost the major International airports, it is a recommended stop-over for a quick escape. The best way to enjoy the city’s art is visiting it by walking, so be aware that cold and strong winds could strike this beautiful gem. Wandering around will allow yourself to admire the polished building’s architectures and decorations and to bump into charming historical venues. Some examples? Well, in the city center you must pop in the Gerbeaud chocolate boutique, famous for the chocolates, the sweets and for having been attended by personalities such like Franz Liszt, the composer. The same credit has the Pesti Vigado’ Concert Hall, a spectacular and luminous building in the shades of blue and pure white.


In this sense Budapest represents the perfect benchmark of the Central Europe culture, as it provides every sort of comforts, noteworthy historical venues to stopover, local kiosks around the streets and squares and all types of restaurants. So, here a list of the top places you must visit during your holidays:

  • Buda Castle: here is the hill were all it began centuries ago. The fortress, built by Bela IV of Hungary in the 1247 marks the beginning of the Budapest’s history and development through eras and years’ decades. Nowadays this enormous building is split into different Institutions, from the National Library to the National Art Gallery. Take a chance to admire the impressive architectures, the statues and the amazing views on the city. Be warn that you might spend half a day in the area.

buda castle

  • Fishermen’s Bastion: this is an amazing structural design! Perhaps the most outstanding work of art we ever seen in Europe so far. Built as a protection emblem for the Fishermen’s corporation, this marble construction bounces plays of lights on its multiple colors’ facets and perspectives. Indeed, the same point you might be fixing, will be in constantly lighting and volume changes.


  • St Matthias Church: this church is located just behind the Bastion and, if you have time and some will to spend a little bit more of money, you should pay it a visit for several reasons. Firstly because of the Nordic and extraordinary decorations of the facades and walls, as well as for the colorful tiles of the covering. Secondly, because the inside is filled with a spiritual atmosphere and with lots of representations and art that will mesmerized your sight.
St Matthias Cathedral Budapest Hungary
St Matthias Cathedral Budapest Hungary
  • The Synagogue: the biggest Synagogue in Europe and the forth in the world, it is quite suggestive, especially during the night. Tours in different languages are available, just check carefully the timetables and schedules referring to them at the gates. The guides are very well prepared, kind and professional. The ticket is a bit expensive, but the experience is one of a kind.


  • The Parliament: the edifice in question does not really much need a description. Since from the outside it is going to make anyone speechless, you will lose an hour just looking at it in circle, trying to grab every single detail of its structure. In some traits it also resembles Florence’s Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. You cannot say you have been in Budapest without having been here! Speaking from a tourist’s point of view, here tours for every language with certified guides are provided too. Eventually you will yearn to go a second time.


  • The Citadel: the open air lovers and the sporty ones would adore the Citadel, sheltered at the top of the Gellert Hill. You can get a bus to reach the fortress, but to enjoy its park better and the view on the Elizabeth Bridge, hiking the hillock would be a reasonable alternative. Once up at the top, some history awaits you in the form of the symbolic monument of the Liberty Statue and the well-known barracks.