I am in love with desserts. Cakes, pies, ice cream, brownies, if it has sugar in it I will probably like it. But once you try something really really delicious you can become a bit picky. When I am craving for something sweet in Ljubljana I go where I know my sweet tooth will be more than satisfied.

Where that is, you can check here.

1. Patisserie Lolita

Lolita is chic. Very chic. But it is not all about amazing interior. Their cakes and other small desserts look so pretty you will almost feel sorry for eating them. It is a bit expensive, but once you start enjoying your cake it is all worth it. They produce their own chocolate and ice cream. You can also taste variety of smoothies, frappes, coffees and cocktails. My top favourite Lolita cake is the one with raspberries and white chocolate.

Lolita | Tamara Polajnar

Lolita | Tamara Polajnar

Find it at: Cankarjevo nabrežje 1

2. Café Cacao

In Cacao you have to try their hot chocolates and ice cream. You can also mix those two if you like. Besides the hot chocolates, varieties of coffee and ice cream they also have delicious cakes. Being vegan or eating raw is not a problem, because you can enjoy in raw vegan cakes. Or you can try healthy smoothies with superfood to boost your energy and make you feel better. You cannot miss Cacao because they have huge terrace by Ljubljanica River that is full every time when it is sunny. My favourite orange-chocolate cake.

Find it at: Petkovškovo nabrežje 3

3. Vigo

In hot summer days there is nothing better than ice cream and when you want the best you go to Vigo. There you can find real Italian gelato freshly made every day. Do not pick vanilla or chocolate, because they offer so much more than ordinary. Why I love Vigo? Because they pour your ice cream with warm runny white chocolate or dark, but I prefer white. Coffee lovers can also try their amazing repertoire of Italian coffees.

Vigo Ljubljana | Janja Horvat

Vigo Ljubljana | Janja Horvat

Find it at: Stritarjeva ulica 4

4. Bistro and Café Bazilika

With warm inviting interior comes great food. Great place to have your vegi or even vegan lunch or to hang out with your friends over the most amazing pies ever. They are always fresh, seasonal and a bit different. My favourite was cherry pie with mascarpone cream. Their most known pie is actually not sweet. It is spinach pie with feta cheese and pine nuts and it is a great choice for your lunch.

Find it at: Prešernova cesta 15 & Miklošičeva cesta 22

5. Café Zvezda

Kavarna Zvezda | Janja Horvat

Kavarna Zvezda | Janja Horvat

Café Zvezda is a classic in Ljubljana. One located at Hotel Slon on Slovenska cesta, another at Park Zvezda, where you can also enjoy it outside on the terrace. It is great meeting point that offers delicious cakes and even more delicious ice cream. Great news for all vegans they have ice cream with rice milk and raw cakes. My favourite is raspberry cake.

Find it at: Wolfova ulica 14, Slovenska cesta 34 & Šmartinska cesta 125

6. Soba 102

Soba 102 is more than just restaurant where you go to have lunch. It is a place to meet with your friends, hang out, drink glass of wine and enjoy it. Besides they have really good cakes, especially three-chocolate cake and pies. My all time favourite – lemon meringue pie.

Soba 102 | Janja Horvat

Soba 102 | Janja Horvat

Find it at: Cankarjeva cesta 4

I hope you will find your own best pastry shop or ice cream stand in Ljubljana and let me know about it.