Erasmus is not only about studying in different country but also about meeting new people, having fun and going out a lot. In Ljubljana there are numerous places where you can enjoy your night.

1. Companeros Club

Companeros is one the most visited discos by Erasmus students, especially on Thursdays when they have Erasmus nights. Great music, not very big space, entrance fee is usually cheap, drinks are not too expensive and when you finish partying in the morning there is a bus station just outside.

Address: Slovenska Cesta 51

2. Cirkus Club

Cirkus is more fancy kind of a club, so if you want to dress up you should really go there to show off your new party outfit.  Tuesdays in Cirkus are reserved for student parties so you should definitely visit then, other nights except Mondays and Sundays are also open. It is one of the most expensive clubs in Ljubljana, but every now and then you should really pay a visit.

Address: Trg mladinskih delovnih brigad 7

3. Pr’Skelet Disco Bar

If you are searching for cocktails in Ljubljana this is the right place for you. Usually they do not have an entrance fee, cocktails are really good and you get 2 for price of 1, which is reasonable, as otherwise it would be too expensive.

Address: Kongresni trg 3

4. Orto Bar

Another option for a night out is Orto Bar where you can enjoy Rock’n’Roll  every Saturday.

Address: Grablobičeva 1

5. Pr’ Semaforju

This is the most student bar in Ljubljana you can ever find. People hang out there all day and it is also one of the bars where you star your night out. Prices are very student-budget friendly, so I suggest you drink here and then go dancing to other clubs and discos.

Address: Slovenska cesta 5

6. Parlament Pub

Very small pub, so it gets crowded very quickly during nights. Usually there is no entrance fee, beer is cheap and you will find other fellow Erasmus students here. Like in most other pubs, clubs and discos in Ljubljana music is very likeable, mainstream so you can dance through your night.

Address: Šubičeva 1

7. Metelkova City

Metelkova City is autonomous social centre in the centre of Ljubljana, where you can find tons of different kinds of fun – clubs, pubs, literature evenings, movie nights. Metelkova City has something for everyone and even if it looks a bit scary at first, it is still amazing place to party. You should definitely visit it during the day as well if you are interested in street art.

Address: Metelkova ulica

8. Klub K4

Home of more alternative music is Klub K4, which is run by young artists. Urban electro trends are mixing with live music and other events. For now it is open only on Fridays and Saturdays.

Address: Kersnikova 4

9. Kurzschluss

Kurzschluss is all about clubbing in limited edition. It starts just before December and it is over right after New Year. Kurzschluss offers unforgettable time with international crowd of musical performers which you cannot miss.

Address: Dunajska cesta 18

10. Student dorms

If you do not want to leave the comfort of your student dorm invite some people over, buy some wine or beers (or ask them to bring something to drink) and just hang out in the kitchen or on a hallway. Just be sure not to be too loud, as you might get a visit from security guard.

It is not so hard to find party in Ljubljana. Use Facebook to check on different events in clubs, invite friends and let the party started!