Francesco Ceniti is sure: “a lot of reporters forget their own ethics”. That’s the question and Italy is in the bottom of press freedom rank. Nevertheless, he is continuing to enquire on connection between sport and criminal enterprise at Gazzetta dello Sport, demonstrating politeness and ambition. Recently, he has written the book In nome di Marco to save Marco Pantani (an awesome Italian cyclist not died for suicide) from libeling prosecution. He has been helped by Tonina Pantani, the mother of sportsman nicknamed The pirate. This is an accurate and full of resources book.

Many readers and supporters have understood Marco Pantani has been unfairly betrayed? The explanation of facts is ever the best way to inform people. Travelling around Italy, I and Mrs.Tonina Pantani heard all people who don’t know very well Marco Pantani’s story.

It’s essential to break down “Pantani’s tragedy”. In this story, press and bench reliability and reputation of sportsman are in running. Do you feel your job as big task? These are our rules. But very often reporters and people working in newsrooms forget it. Who knows the role of good information?

Today, journalism is a closed door for young people. This world doesn’t reward the best or there is not a great training? Young people are very good. Lack of empty places is a real problem. For this reason, false editors are available to cheat all young people who follows a passion sacrificing theirselves. That’s a market law, also for journalists. I suggest to not give up.

Sports can be back like social virtue and common satisfaction through education? Sports must be it. If there aren’t, if all your desire misses, it’s a real tragedy.

Who inspired your career? My legends are Indro Montanelli and Oriana Fallaci. Then, I am a lucky person because I stay at 28 of Solferino Street, location of Gazzetta dello Sport. Working there is a daily happiness.

I think that many sport reporters are bad story-tellers. Am I swearing? A good sport reporter should be an incredible story-teller because there is nothing better than telling a sport challenge. Unfortunately, television and its pictures created a journalism guilty to have impoverished words.

Which are three qualities should belong to reporters? Curiosity, curiosity and still curiosity.

The culture satiates? Yes, but it is enough.

When you come back in the south of Italy, emotion is stronger than disappoint? Both feelings. Sometimes emotion is stronger than disappoint and viceversa, such as a sweet/bitter.