1. Death or Glory by Pat Gilbert

There are a lot of books on the Clash or on their charismatic leader Joe Strummer, but this is absolutely the best. Pat Gilbert tells their whole story, with accuracy and facts but also giving space to feelings and funny stories.

2. Burning Britain: a History of UK Punk 80-84 by Ian Glasper

The period of rage, after the Clash and the Sex Pistols. A must for discover the underground bands which burned the UK! Absolutely suggested another book by Ian Glasper, The Day the Country Died: A History of Anarcho Punk.

3. Costretti a Sanguinare by Marco Philopat

The true story of the Italian punk rocker Marco Philopat and his friends. Follow through the pages of the book the story of young Marco, of the first Italian squats and of the first Italian punk bands.

Costretti a Sanguinare

Costretti a Sanguinare

4. Lumi di Punk by Marco Philopat

In this book Marco Philopat interviewed and wrote the story of the Italian punk bands and their experience.

5. The Story of Crass by George Berger

A must-read book on the most famous anarcho-punk band! Not only the history of the band, but also of the scene around them.

6. Poison Heart: Surviving the Ramones by Dee Dee Ramone

As for the Clash also for The Ramones many, many books have been written, but this one is directly from the bass player, Dee Dee Ramone. Ugly, dirty and drug-addict.

7. American Hardcore by Steven Blush

Fast and angry: Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, D.O.A., Minor Threat… The history of American Hardcore in its golden age, the 80s.

8. Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution by Sara Marcus

The story of the feminist punk movement, which exploded in the 90s with bands like Bikini Kill and L7.

9. Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs by Johnny Rotten

The biography of John Lydon. Angrier and truest than everyone else.

33 Revolutions per Minute

33 Revolutions per Minute

10. 33 Revolutions per Minute by Dorian Lynskey

Not properly a book on punk or its protagonists but a book on revolution and protest, which are the spirit of punk. Lynskey collected all the bands who wrote a song of protest or wanted to change the world.