Instagram has become such a powerful source for organisations and institutions to promote their tourist potential. Among Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – to cite some – a quicker and immediate marketing tool seems to be Instagram itself. Browsing through this media you can discover thousands of Travel Bloggers who post professional pics of breathtaking views. Here a list of 20 surprising igers:

1. @ale_shvec

A 28 year-old girl from Ekaterinburg, Russia, who took part in an Italian stage on tourism’s and social economics’ practices. She is a true passionate of travels and she took amazing pictures of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, among all the other ones around the world.

2. @simonepioneer

He is an Italian author and actor and his shots represent the nature and the characteristics of the Italian cities and smalltowns. He basically describes Italy in pics.

3. @asecondin

. Manca poco al #montegrappa Ottobre 2015

Una foto pubblicata da Alessandro Secondin (@asecondin) in data:

Another Italian travel addict, his Instagram gallery is rich in mountains and water themed  features. Pristine subjects and bright colours have their say with him.

4. @blanquezrc

#dali#art #arte #architecture #ous #pa #figueres #girona #picoftheday #photooftheday #bestoftheday #instadaily

Una foto pubblicata da Clàudia Blánquez (@blanquezrc) in data:

A Spanish art historian of 27 years old, her happy and funny pics will make you feel good and they will get you a smile. May the Barcelona vibe be with you.

5. @guigurui

Goodnight Madrid • Buenas noches Madrid

Una foto pubblicata da Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz (@guigurui) in data:

A second traveler from Spain and Canada. As he tells us in his short bio, his portfolio is called “the storytelling images“. They are simply wonderful, they are so monumental and highly edited and refined. Have a look!

6. @earthroulette

The Bend in #Oregon Use our hashtag – #earthroulette for a chance to be featured.

Una foto pubblicata da Earth Roulette (@earthroulette) in data:

This is a site where images from different authors are posted. If you want to see a huge variety of perspectives in one time, then follow it on Instagram too. You will fly from Japan to Maine in less then two seconds.

7. @traveler_story

Una foto pubblicata da Traveler Story (@traveler__story) in data:

This profile is really unique and interesting. It titles “In 202 days aroud the world” and the pics of Mount Fuji and of the Alaska’s wildness are just incredible. They look like as inspirated by the Romanticism and Sublime painters.

8. @alexstanbul

Una foto pubblicata da @alexstanbul in data:

He is a Turkish teacher and traveler, he has got pics of Northern America, France and more, but if you’d like to explore a hidden Instabul and the Turkey side from a local, Alex is the right blogger for you.

9. @catherinesomething

| untitled | 🌿🍂

Una foto pubblicata da Catherine Cordasco (@catherinesomething) in data:

She is a French freelance illustrator, with a soft and delicate touch both in her illustration and her shots. Every pic resembles a watercolour work of art.

10. @jessiepurtonung

She is just for everyone who loves tropical beaches and amazing sunny spots worldwide. You could get some of inspiration to plan  your next vacation.

11. @serenagiust

Like. #teamevent #teamItaly #lifeattrivago #koblenz

Una foto pubblicata da Serena Giust (@serenagiust) in data:

Italian born, she works for Trivago in Germany. She loves travelling and thanks to her job she always posts energetic snaps to make you “travel with her“.

12. @veronica_fossa

Gdansk is always a stunner #wefxpoland

Una foto pubblicata da Veronica Fossa (@veronica_fossa) in data:

Another brilliant and young Italian entrepreneur who travels the world thanks to her job. She deals with food strategies, but her pics show stories and daily cities routines you might be interested in being part of them.

13. @veggievisa

Jealous? Gooey Vegan Chocolate Brownie Shake with Whipped Cream. #Bangkok #dessert #travel #lickyourphone

Una foto pubblicata da Randi Delano 🐒 (@veggievisa) in data:

She defines herself as a “Full time traveler” and she explores the world by looking for vegan recepies all around the world. Her snaps are so tasty and from different countires.

14. @ozzy.freepassenger

#Cappadocia #Nevsehir #Turkey #Balloon #sunrise

Una foto pubblicata da freepassenger (@ozzy.freepassenger) in data:

She is a Turkish girl and a passenger of…the world. Currently she is in Italy, so expect some really nice pics from there!

15. @dutch_smiling_yogi

Five things to do in Essaouira Kites in the air, surfers on the water, waiters with dreadlocks and camels on the beach. Essaouira is the hippie paradise of Morocco. No don’t go wild immediately. If you are used to places like Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica Essaouira is a bit a conservative hippie paradise with a lot of burkas in the streets of the medina and a very male dominated street scene, but it definitely got a hippie feeling to it. If you’re looking for a nice place in Morocco to surf, chill, get some sun and soak in some culture at the same time, try this relaxed surfers and fishermen’s town on the west coast of Morocco. The help you on your way here are five things to do in Essaouira. Read more on:

Una foto pubblicata da John Kraijenbrink (@dutch_smiling_yogi) in data:

He is a fascinating Yoga Dutch instructor, and through his job he travels the world. As a globetrotter he also looks for spirituality in the places he visits. And the results are peaceful shots.

16. @pieterarnolli

Pieter is Dutch too, but he chose to living in Italy as an expat. He describes the country through his pictures and he engages a beautiful Italian trips.

17. @thetravelbite

Ending the week with dinner at Roast in Borough Market. What do you think of the view? It was nice watching the sunset from the second floor and see the market transition from day to night, from bustling merchants to lively pubs and restaurants. It honestly feels more like a Saturday night instead of a weekday. Roast was perfect for my last night in London — Classic British fare seasonally sourced from local producers and paired with English wines. I gotta admit, I didn’t know much about English wine before tonight. Perhaps even thought they might be “rubbish.” I was quite impressed though by a few delicious sparkling wines and an exceptional pinot noir. Cheers, London. Until we meet again. #GREATBritishSpirit #lcw15

Una foto pubblicata da Rachelle Lucas (@thetravelbite) in data:

She manages the travel bite website and she has already published a travel guide. She strongly believes that to understand a destination the best way is trough its flavours. Next trip will be Thailand.

18. @angycat

She is a very creative blogger and she is also the Community Manager of the Instagramers of Friuli Venezia Giulia region. She takes photographs for touristic purposes and also for her during her freetime.

19. @bravebirdsblog

Beautiful Indian Summer in Germany

Una foto pubblicata da Ute Kranz (@bravebirdsblog) in data:

A German girl who takes wonderful pics on lifestyle, arts and oustanding panoramas. Tropical beaches and colourful oceans floors included.

20. @twok_blog

This Scottish couple writes about travelling with kids. It would be a cool idea for families to follow their tips and cute family’s portraits. Nothing is impossible, especially travelling!