So, you want to be a journalist? Get ready to kick-start your career at the brand new ROOSTERGNN Academy.

The ROOSTERGNN Academy arises from the need for hands-on journalism education.

Our programs provide real-world experience and training, connecting students with recognized experts in the field and giving them the necessary tools to successfully pursue their profession.

ROOSTERGNN’s mission of promoting freedom of expression and independent journalism around the world is reflected in our Global Programs, which can be completed online from any location. We also offer a series of ‘On-Campus’ Programs, always held at representative locations of our hosting city.

From Seminars and Workshops to Master Classes and Mentoring Sessions, at ROOSTERGNN Academy we educate the next generation of journalists.

Get all your tools for success at ROOSTERGNN Academy!

Graduates of ROOSTERGNN Academy have gone on to write and work for newspapers, news agencies and publications around the globe. Non-profit organizations, human rights organizations and international agencies, such as the Peace Corps and the United Nations, are other frequent job fields for ROOSTERGNN Academy graduates. Those interested in corporate communication continue using the skills they acquired at the ROOSTERGNN Academy at international companies, for example as brand managers for Coca-Cola.

The future has no limits!

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Our first series of ‘On-Campus’ Programs, specifically, the Journalism Internship Seminars in Madrid, Spain, to be held from July 4-14, 2016, are now open for applications. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience Spain and get published!

At ROOSTERGNN Academy, we believe in making journalism education available to everyone around the world, and in mid-2016, we will be launching a series of Global Programs that can be completed online from any location. Sign up here to be the first to know about them!

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