D.F. – who prefers not to reveal his full name due to privacy reasons – is only 22 but already holds a degree in Opera singing which paved him the way and helped him gain professional experience. In this interview he told us about his passion for singing, he expressed his views without fear of judgement and he gave us little tips to follow to take care of our voices.

How did you become interested in singing?

Thanks to my grandparents, they instilled this passion for music in me when I was a kid. At the age of 6 I started to take part into kids singing contests and shows, like the “Zecchino d’Oro (One of Italy’s most famous singing contests for kids).

Describe singing in one word.

What do you have to be careful about when you choose singing Opera as a career?
You need to be sure you are studying with qualified teachers – and by qualified, I mean people who are wise enough not to push your voice too much and risk damaging it.

What makes a voice beautiful?
Clarity. A voice needs to be clear and confident to be beautiful.

Which has been your most memorable work experience so far?
There have been two of them: singing with the boys choir of the San Carlo theatre in Naples and collaborating with famous directors and others from the show-business world.

In the last few years there has been a huge variety of talent shows on TV and watching kids or teenagers perform has become rather common.
What is your opinion on this matter?
There is actually a lot to say about talent shows, but I usually describe them in 2 words: they suck. Most of the talent shows rely on the performances of kids who are simply exploited to raise the audience rating and in the end turn out to have been vocally damaged. And the communities created by these talent shows? They are only a bunch of delusional people.

What types of food or drinks should be avoided if you are a professional singer?
Our voice, our instrument, is extremely delicate. It is essential to take care of it from a nutritional point of view, as well. Sour fruit, such as lemons or oranges, is highly inadvisable. Fizzy drinks, coffee, alcohol and smoking, even passive smoking, also cause serious damages. Tea is absolutely the worst of all drinks: theine is very irritating for the vocal cords.

Which could be considered as healthy habits on the other hand?
Hydrating your vocal cords by drinking often, preferably still water, and a glass of hot water with a spoon of honey at night.

What are your dreams for the future?

A long and rewarding career.