Are you looking for a flat in Madrid? What kind of apartment? And where? Perhaps sharing with other students or young people? Finding the perfect accommodation can be somewhat of a movida…(get used to this expression, people in Madrid use it very often! It means a lot of work!)

When starting your search for housing online, the amount of possibilities can be a bit daunting. But precisely because there is so much choice available, you are likely to find what you are looking for. As I mentioned in one of my latest articles (you can read it here if you are interested), don’t let finding accommodation wear you out.

Top tips: It is recommended that you visit the flat, especially if you plan on sharing it with other people who are perhaps already living there. Also, location, location, location! Despite the fact that Madrid is not so big, and public transport is efficient, it’s always better to live next to your university or your place of work. Instead of spending your time in the metro, you can then simply move around on foot and enjoy the sunny capital of Spain.

If you are looking for housing in Madrid and you wouldn’t know where to start, I’ve made a list of the ten best websites that will make your research easier!

Website #1: Idealista

Balconies | Paulo Valdivieso

Balconies | Paulo Valdivieso

Without any doubts, one of my favorite websites for finding housing in Madrid. You can choose between seven languages. You can add your listing for free. That is, if you are looking for housing, as well as if you have housing to rent out! Tell your viewers something about you, your age, your interests and the area where you want to live. People who are looking for a roommate will contact you!

Website #2: Easypiso

Flatmate wanted | Ice Nine

Flatmate wanted | Ice Nine

Create your profile, select your maximum rent per month, the moving date and some information about you. You can also receive an alert when new rooms to rent are available.

Website #3: Stukers

Plaza Mayor | Felipe Gabaldón

Plaza Mayor | Felipe Gabaldón

I think that this website is brilliant! You can search for flatmates who searching for a flat, but also for single rooms. Edit your profile, add a photo and post it! Have a look at other profiles. Do you want to share the apartment with a person who love football, for example? With Stukers you can find a flatmate which whom to see all the Champions League matches!

Website #4: Fotocasa

The webpage is stylish and approchable! You can also download the app, Fotocasa Mobile. Searching with your mobile phone or tablet will make your resarch easier.

Website #5:  Ya Encontre

Here, you have the possibility of seeing all the ads without creating a profile. Do you prefer to live with boys or girls? Do you like pets or not? And what about the area? With Ya Encontre you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Website #6:

Skyscraper | Antonio Tajuelo

Skyscraper | Antonio Tajuelo

With this webiste, you can see the map of the city and choose the area where you want to live. Very useful if you don’t know the city very well.

Website #7:  Pisocompartido

You can look both for a room or for flatmates who are also looking for a flat! I find it so useful. Perfect if you are a student and you want to share your flat with other students.

Website #8:

Retiro | Rosa G.

Retiro | Rosa G.

Available also in Chinese! It’s especially created for university students. All ALUNI flats are located close to all main universities.

Website #9: Tucasa

Templo del Debod | German Laullon

Templo del Debod | German Laullon

Perfect if you are looking for a piso compartido (a shared flat). Positive aspect: each advertisement has a lot of photos.

Website #10: En alquiler

Palacio Real |Brad Hammonds

Palacio Real | Brad Hammonds

The only negative aspect of this website is that it’s in Spanish and you cannot choose a different language. Yet, you are going to live in Spain, so getting acquainted with some Spanish vocabulary is not a bad idea!


I’ve also made a list of basic words that you need when you search for an accommodation in Spain!

  • Amueblado = furnished apartment
  • Barrio = neighborhood
  • Calefacción = heating
  • Aire acondicionado = air-condition
  • Wifi = Wifi (duh!)
  • Compañero de piso/compi = flatmate
  • Habitación = room
  • Litera = bunk bed
  • Mascota = pet
  • Piso = flat
  • Planta = Floor

Break a leg! Hope you will find a comfortable flat and have a great time with your compis!

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