As rumor has it, there are bars in every corner of Madrid, which makes finding a place for a caña de cerveza or a jarra de tinto de verano not a real challenge. But for the visitor who wants something more mysterious or secret, it is fun to go exploring and discover hidden treasures like the following:

1. La Coquette Blues Bar

The la Coquette Blues Bar is located close to the center of Madrid. Opened in 1984, this bar is the perfect meeting point for people who are interested in Blues and Jazz. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there is a live blues band performing at around 10.30 p.m. On Sundays at 8:00 p.m. there is a jam session.

For € 2,50 you can get a bottle of Mahou, for € 5,00 a bottle of Coronita there. A mix drink like a Gin Tonic is about € 7,00 till €9,00.

You can find this bar in Calle de las Hileras 14 / Arenal 22, close to the metro station Opera.

(c) Deanna Butler

Ana Martinez | Deanna Butler

“For me it was like in New Orleans because the blues is really popular there. At this bar you kind of have the blues vibe. It was a really nice taste of home for me. I could really feel the soul behind the music.“
– Ana Martinez, from Mississippi, USA


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2. Abonavida

According to their staff Abonavida is an eco cafeteria because most of their products are ecological. With a lot of vegan and vegetarian options, they try to offer healthy things to eat and ecological drinks. On the second floor there is a secret room, which is kind of like a dragon’s lair or a cavern. Approximately once a week there are little concerts played, courses held or theaters plays performed. The owner of the café bar was an actor, who tries to make a different place with a lot of plants and a nice atmosphere.

(c) Katharina Hofer

Abonavida | Katharina Hofer

„We try to make a special space inside of all the noise of the street. It’s like the lungs in the town center of Madrid.“ says Nerea, a waitress at Abonavida.

(c) Katharina Hofer

Abonavida | Katharina Hofer

At Abonavida you can get una cerveca for from € 1,70 till € 4,50 and a cocktail for € 8,00. If you want to visit this place, you have to go to Calle Navas de Tolosa 3, close to the Plaza del Callao.

(c) Alessia Bisini

Stella Yanakieva | Alessia Bisini

„Abonavida is one of those hidden treasures right in the middle of the crowded city centre. It’s the perfect place to get away from the heat and have a glass of sangria, to simply cosy up and relax!“

– Stella Yanakieva, from Bulgaria

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3. Cerveceria Alemana

As its name attests, in the 19th century Cerveceria Alemana was a german club. In 1924 Ramon Gonzalez bought it from the Germans and dedicated the name of the bar to them.

(c) Katharina Hofer

Cervecería Alemana | Katharina Hofer

It was a place for bullfighters and writers like Ernest Hemingway and it was one of his favourite drinking spots. He liked to sit next to the window“, says Jaime, the waiter at Cerveceria Alemana

(c) Katharina Hofer

Cervecería Alemana | Katharina Hofer

Located at Plaza Santa Ana, 6 this bar may not be really hidden, still there may many people who do not know that it was one of Hemingway’s favourites. At Cerveceria Alemana you can get a beer from around € 3,00 till € 5,00.

(c) Katharina Hofer

Julien Levni | Katharina Hofer

“It’s a nice place. It has like this classic style because it’s full of classic paintings and also an old clock. The environment is more for adults. And also they have a wide variety of beer like commercial and craft beer.“
– Julien Levni, from Orlando, USA

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4. Hotel Santo Domingo – Rooftop Bar

On the seventh floor of the Hotel Santo Domingo, close to the Gran Via, the city’s main commercial avenue, is a hidden rooftop bar. This place offers you a great view over Madrid and also a nice place to sit, drink, relax or maybe to take a cooling dip in the small swimming pool.

The Hotel Santo Domingo is located at Calle de San Bernando, close to the metro station Santo Domingo. There you can get a beer for around € 5,00 and a cocktail from € 10,00 till € 15,00.

(c) Katie McEvinney

Katie McEvinney

“The rooftop bar at Santo Domingo has such a good atmosphere with really cool lounge music playing and comfortable seats. The views of the city centre are spectacular and I would definitely recommend people to check it out, especially as it doesn’t seem to be very well advertised on sites like Trip Advisor for tourists and such. It’s a hidden gem.”
– KatieMcEvinney, from the UK

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5. Salvador Bachiller

Salvador Bachiller may look like a normal shop at first sight. But if you take a closer look, you realize that it is way more than that. On its top floors it hides a sort of café bar, which looks a bit like in a garden. According to the waiters there, it is opened since about two years ago and it offers around 26 sorts of tea. It is opened every day from 11:00 a.m. until midnight, and Friday and Saturday until 2:00 p.m.

(c) Katharina Hofer

Salvador Bachiller | Katharina Hofer

You can find this place at Calle de la Montera, 37, close to the metro station Gran Via. There you get a beer for € 5,00 and a cocktail for € 10,00.

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