Picture this, a Saturday outing for brunch at a restaurant bustling with a plethora of individuals all looking to satisfy their breakfast cravings in the late afternoon. Tables at the restaurant are in close contact with one another, so it is impossible to not overhear the inquiry from the neighbors’ table “Are you a Carrie or a Charlotte?” This question refers to the characters from the television series Sex and The City. While the show first aired in 1998, its reruns allow for it to remain a conversation topic in today’s pop culture. The television show is famous for its premise- four single career driven women in New York City, who are unapologetic about embracing their sexuality. And now, with the emergence of the new Insta account, “@everyoutfitonsatc” the character’s cringe worthy fashion decisions can be revisited.

The account that was created a month ago by friends Chelsea Fairess and Lauren Garroni has already hit 172k followers. With its witty captions and the characters’ questionable fashion choices, the account provides a source of entertainment for avid SATC fans. Instagram user @ar_rad commented, “this account is gold.” Another Instagram user @sally_roth said, “stop what you’re doing and follow this account right now @icallmebournehome, so goddamn funny!”

The photos listed below provide just a preview of the account. 

1. Carrie’s casual belt look

When in doubt belt it

When in doubt belt it

Number of instagram likes: 2,096

Number of instagram comments: 577

During this episode, Carrie puts this ensemble together for a shopping trip with Miranda. While there is no explanation in the episode for why she decided to accessorize this way, the outfit still stands out to SATC fans. Insta user, @lowcarbhighfact commented, “I NEVER understood this outfit, I still think about it regularly.” Similarly, insta user, @gabriel_held commented, “This one always stuck with me.”

2. Charlotte’s look that resembles “Annie Hall”

A non-Charlotte outfit

A non-Charlotte outfit, via “everyoutfitonsatc” instagram account

Number of Instagram likes: 2,138

Number of Instagram comments: 209

During this episode, when Charlotte goes to participate in volunteer work, she chooses this ensemble that deviates from her usual classic preppy garments. However, when one examines this outfit closer, it is strikingly similar to Diane Keaton’s look in the movie, “Annie Hall.” The photo is captioned as, “*watches Annie Hall once*.” Similarly, instagram account user, @nsohnly commented, “Omg Annie Hall.”

3. Samantha’s look that resembles a costume more than a daily outfit

Fashion statement or costume? via everyoutfitonsatc instagram account

Fashion statement or costume? via everyoutfitonsatc instagram account

Number of Instagram likes: 2,379

Number of Instagram comments: 203

During this episode, Samantha gets a chemical peel treatment that burns her skin off. However, the timing of the salon disaster happens to be the same night of a party that Carrie wants Samantha to attend so that Samantha can make the introduction to a Vogue editor.  In an attempt to cover up the damage to her face Samantha puts together this memorable ensemble that is admirable and questionable. Instagram user @ashleysuna commented, “it’s so hilarious! Anyway, like this page so many photos of all their hideous outfits.”

4. Miranda’s monochromatic look

via everyoutfitonsatc

via everyoutfitonsatc

Number of Instagram likes: 6,764

Number of Instagram comments: 3,439

During this episode goes on a date with the new guy she is seeing, but fans go crazy for this look. Instagram user @rowhenley comments, “Miranda fell victim to the bucket hat. Another user, @kykyalyssa reflected, “versatile outfit for beekeeping and Olympic sprints.”

While some of the looks on Sex and The City are outdated, a closer look at this instagram account shows that the series on a few occasions may have been ahead of the trends for its time.

For example, Charlotte rocking the off the shoulder trend

Charlotte can be trendy

Charlotte can be trendy

Number of Instagram likes: 10,015

Number of Instagram comments: 730

In a April 2016 article fashion magazine, Glamour declared, the off the shoulder  top “A weekend and after-hours staple this season for sure.” And here is Charlotte rocking the trend 17 years ago. Instagram user @jbriggs7979 commented, “Not even embarrassed that I want a cold shoulder, chambray top.” Another Instagram user @standarddrawers commented, “Another great look!”

So go ahead and take a stroll down memory lane with this account. Warning: it will provide laughs and will probably result in a binge watching marathon of the episodes, you’re welcome.