The following article was submitted by Yasmine Gordon as part of her scholarship application for ROOSTERGNN Academy’s Digital Marketing and Social Media Internship Seminar in Madrid, Spain.

Who doesn’t love a great change of scenery? And interning abroad makes it even better.

Travel is something that can teach you more about yourself. And interning abroad makes travel interesting because you have to learn how to become resourceful to get any task handed to you accomplished. Why would we let anything hold us back from traveling?

Yes, sometimes the word ‘travel’ can sound scary and exhausting.Thoughts like traveling alone instead of with a group test the strength of our awareness of ourselves. But overall, getting out and traveling with a group or solo can be a great life experience.

The only way to find out is to just do it!

Traveling is one of the best gifts to yourself. Here are some common excuses about travel that have to be dropped now.

Excuse #1: “I have too much work”

Research on Americans’ work activity was published in 2015, and surveys showed that 55 percent of Americans failed to use their vacation days off. Companies give vacation days for a reason; work can become quite stressful sometimes, especially when you are a student and have other things going on (think of homework!) or family occasions.

But don’t forget that even the President has vacation time! If you are a freelancer, consider yourself lucky. Take advantage of your fluctuating schedule. Find out if you can work from a cute apartment in Cuba or a coffee shop in Spain. Include some sightseeing while you’re at it!

It is scientifically proven that new ideas flow better in new environments. Traveling also can inspire new ventures and opportunities.

Excuse #2: “I have no one to travel with”

No one to travel with? Perfect! Traveling solo is the best option. Traveling with partners is great, too, but in order to maximize your personal growth you should go on the road alone. You can discover so much about yourself and create a support system for yourself. You will jump out of your comfort zone. You will return home self-confident and aware.

Editor’s Note: If you don’t want to travel alone and still intern abroad, no problem! At ROOSTERGNN Academy, we offer Financial Aid for groups of students. Apply with a friend and if you both get accepted and enroll, you will have access to financial aid! If there’s two of you, you will receive a 2% discount, if there’s three of you, a 3%, etc. Find out more here.

Excuse #3: “I don’t have any money”

Travel can become quite expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. Research scholarships and grants that cater to your needs.

Editor’s Note: Check out this guide by our Director and Founder Isabel Eva Bohrer, about how to fund your Internship Seminar abroad.

Connect and network with everyone, let everyone know you need help raising funds. There are many ways to discount, or sponsor your travels. Open your opportunities and do your research!

Excuse #4: “Oh, I will wait…”

The perfect day to travel abroad may NEVER come. Why wait? There are so many unpredictable realities in life. You can only be sure of here and now. Yes, very cliché, but at the end of your life what exactly are you going to remember? Spending a week at a nine to five office job or spending a week in Cuba? Get out there now. Right now!