Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, is an amazing road drive that everyone visiting Australia should experience. There are many beautiful places to see and things to do all along this famous road.

Some places are extremely interesting like the gorgeous Bells Beach, Airey’s Inlet and Split Point Lighthouse, Apollo Bay, Devil’s Elbow, Cape Otway Lighthouse, Great Otway National Park, Erskine Falls, Lorne, London Bridge.

Out of all the many incredible places along the Great Ocean Road, the 10 spots listed below should not be missed.

1. Bells Beach

Bells beach | moerschy

Bells beach is at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road stretch when you start from Torquay near Melbourne. The views along the cliff at this beach are unbelievable.

This beach is also a surfer’s paradise. Pack a small picnic, relax on the beach. Enjoy watching the professional surfers maneuvering amazing feats on huge waves.

2. Airey’s Inlet

Splitpoint lighthouse | DroneImagineNation

A beautiful beach, majestic lighthouse, amazing limestone cliff standing in the sea, a variety of cute residences leading to the Split Point place, this spot on the Great Ocean Road is a must visit place.

Airey’s Inlet is located before Lorne just after you cross Angelsea. Other than the famous Split Point lighthouse, Fairhaven Beach here is also popular with locals and you can observe experts surfing here.

3. Devil’s Elbow

Devil’s Elbow | Priyadarshini Rajendran

Devil’s Elbow is a small shoulder on the road for you to pull up and take in the incredible views of the ocean and the Great Ocean Road itself. Because of its shape and tricky location it earned such a name but there is nothing to worry about it.

Stop at the Devil’s Elbow sign and read about its significance there, have a small break and relax your legs while enjoying the sweeping ocean views and salty breeze.

4. Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls | bmac0

Located about 9 kilometers from Lorne, Erskine Falls are a treat to nature lovers. To reach these waterfalls, you would pass through awe-inspiring rain-forests. Erskine falls is known to be the highest waterfalls in the Otways park.

There are two areas to stop at the falls called the upper and lower lookouts. But, hands down, the lower lookout point is absolutely fantastic. There is a bit of a trek involved if you want to get down to this lookout point, but it is more than worth it.

5. Apollo Bay

Apollo bay | pumuckl1972

Apollo Bay is cute little town along the Great Ocean Road that has everything you need to stop for the night, or to just grab a quick lunch or coffee. There are amazing shops here with local souvenirs worth carrying back.

If you consider making your Great Ocean Road drive a multi-day trip, you should stay at Apollo Bay for proper rest and to absorb all the wonders that this road trip has in store for you.

6. Cape Otway Lightstation

Cape Otway | johnno49

Cape Otway Lightstation is known to be the oldest lighthouse in Australia that is still standing and most importantly, functioning!

To reach this lighthouse you would have to pass through amazing roads with rolling hills and beautiful farms with horses in them along the way. Then you reach this old but well-maintained lighthouse known for its monumental beauty.

7. Twelve Apostles Marine National Park

Twelve Apostles | bonthenet

This is an absolutely must visit place on the Great Ocean Road and probably the most-photographed attraction on this road trip. The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park is famous for its row of limestone cliffs that stand majestically in the ocean.

Currently there are only 8 pillars left because of sea erosion. Though there were only 9 limestone cliffs before one of them collapsed, these pillars are called the Twelve Apostles from the start. It can get quite windy and cold at this place, so better go prepared with your mufflers and jackets.

8. Gibson Steps

Ocean, Australia | JVAstudio

Gibson Steps are named after the person who amazingly sculpted a whopping 86 steps out of the cliff side. If weather permit you can take the steps to the bottom and enjoy looking at two amazing limestone cliffs standing in the water called Gog and Magog. It is a magical experience to stand at sea level and look up into the sky at those majestic cliffs and the roaring ocean.

9. London Arch

London arch | Giraphic_Design

London Arch is an arch formed naturally by erosion in Port Campbell National Park. It is a popular attraction for tourists because of its bridge shape. It was previously called as London Bridge but the outer part collapsed leaving only the arch in place. Nevertheless, it is still a gorgeous place to stop and enjoy on your Great Ocean Road drive.

10. Warrnambool

Whale | Free-Photos

One of the indigenous meanings for Warrnambool is ‘land between two rivers’. Warrnambool is absolutely incredible here at the western end of Great Ocean Road. If you are around here anytime between June to September, you are in luck. You can watch giant whales migrating along the coast, a beautiful sight to savor.

There is so much to do in Warrnambool, but if you are short on time you should at least visit the Middle Island where penguins breed.