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Dessert is something you can eat any time of day, whether it be a pastry or tart for breakfast or even ice cream after dinner. Trying out the delicacies that Madrid has to offer could be a mouth watering and rewarding experience and to get the most out of the experience, it’s always best to do a little research on the top places to visit.

Jessica Gaffney, 29, enjoys a cookie at WayCup | Jessica Pike

When traveling to Spain, one of the first desserts to come to mind are churros, which are something that can be found almost anywhere in Madrid. What makes Chocolatería San Ginés the best place to go to enjoy their delicious churros is not only the long history it has in Madrid going back to 1894, but also that it is open 24 hours for those middle of the night churro cravings. Upon first look, it is obvious that San Ginés is mainly a tourist attraction, filled with people from all nationalities and usually overcrowded, but the lines and service are fast, and it takes almost no time to get in the door and to a seat with your order. One such tourist named Julia Ryerson, age 24, says, “I’m not usually a fan of chocolate, but I really like the cup of it you get here for your churros.” San Ginés also offers an array of other desserts to choose from, including a partner ice cream shop right across the street. Options vary from a lemon lime sorbet to chocolate covered oranges, along with a small assortment of baked goods. A very lively and crowded place with good prices, great for a couple or a small family wanting to relieve their sweet tooth.

Manolo Bakes shop window | Jessica Pike

Breakfast is eaten differently all around the world, and in Spain, it’s not as big of an affair as it is in the United States. The difference in calories is quite obvious between the two, with the United States being top of the list of around 3000 calories a day, to Spain in the mid section with about 2000 calories a day. A lot of people in Madrid just grab a quick pastry with their coffee in the morning. A great place for just that is Waycup, a specialty coffee shop. What makes Waycup one of a kind is not only the fact that they are one of the few places in Madrid to serve specialty coffee, but also their cookie selection includes peanut butter which is not as commonly found in Spain. A customer of Waycup, Jessica Gaffney, age 29, says, “I’m here every day. The peanut butter cookies are amazing and a good price considering peanut butter is expensive here.” Waycup has quick service, with English speaking employees and a mixture of both tourists and locals, making it a great place to swing by in the morning.

Another option for a quick morning breakfast pastry is Manolo Bakes which has a coffee bar and specializes in a variety of croissants, and other baked goods. Manolo Bakes offers 6 different types of croissants, along with their revolving array of cakes and tarts.

An Apple Tart at Pasteleria Lorena | Jessica Pike

When looking for just a plain old bakery to go to, Pastelería Lorena, which has the most delicious cream puffs and apple tarts, along with other baked goods. They also provide a small selection of homemade food at the end of the dessert section. One of the most unusual things about this bakery is the decoration of handpicked dolls that line the walls of the shop. It offers a very homey feel to the bakery, making it feel cozy with the small interior. This shop is a good place to go for anyone alone or in a small group looking to take their time while enjoying a confection, with a very decent price range.

Vanilla and Caramel ice cream at Rocambolesc | Jessica Pike

As a child, one of the greatest movies was Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because the idea of a whole factory made out of candy was extraordinary as a kid. In Madrid, there is an actual ice cream store that is inspired-by Willie Wonka that you can go to, called Rocambolesc on El Corte Inglés. While it is slightly difficult to find, found on the seventh floor of a mall complex, it is worth the struggle. It only has a selection of six ice cream flavors, but a large amount or toppings and four types of syrups ready to go on your sundae. It’s a great place to go with the family during the day, due to the fact that there is a small bar right next door. For any adults, the ice cream store stays open until 1:30 AM, so it’s perfect for a late night or early morning ice cream run.

There are about a hundred places in Madrid to go for dessert, but each of these places offer something unique whether it be the ambiance or the pastries themselves. They also all cater to different sugar needs from breakfast to ice cream, perfect for whatever craving. A lot of them offer treats that are not usually found in the United States, ideal for anyone looking to try new things.


Fact Box:

Chocolatería San Gínes

Open 24 hours

Phone: +34 913 65 65 46

Calle de Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5



Mon-Fri 7:30AM-8PM

Sat-Sun 8:30AM-8PM

Phone: +34 910 58 59 27

Calle de Juan Bravo, 27


Pastelería Lorena

Mon-Fri 7:30AM-10PM

Sat-Sun 8:30AM-10PM

Phone: +34 914 02 09 17

Calle del Conde de Peñalver, 78



Mon-Fri 12:30PM-12:30AM

Sat-Sun 12:30PM-1:30AM

Phone: +34 915 76 52 34

Calle de Serrano, 52


Manolo Bakes

Mon-Sat 8:00AM-9PM

Sunday 9AM-9PM

Phone: +34 914 01 39 28

Calle del Conde de Peñalver, 68