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Any fashion lover would know that every city, let alone fashion capitals, are breeding grounds for new and exciting trends to walk the streets.  Madrid is no exception but of course carries out styles in bright and rich ways.

Although, fashion lovers also know that you cannot possibly expect to buy a whole new wardrobe when you travel, and sometimes it is necessary to pack a prepared ensemble.

When traveling, it is essential to travel light, something difficult especially when one doesn’t know the kind of clothing they might need.  Here is a guide to pack light but more importantly, how to pack right.  Be prepared to land with the wardrobe of a true Madrileños woman.

What NOT to Pack

Tourists are often an easy spot in short shorts, socks and crop tops | Alexandra Ronnestrand

There are clear indicators that point to a tourist or outside traveler.  Ask any local, and they will tell you some clothing choices to stay away from when packing.  One, stay away from short shorts.  Even though summer months in Madrid can be quite hot, almost unbearable at times, short shorts are almost a sure sign of a tourist.

Carmen, 30, has been living in Madrid for two years but was born and raised in Spain and now works for a Madrid boutique called Lady Cacahuete or Lady Peanut.

“If you were at the beach, but you are at the city,” Carmen comments when she sees ladies wear too short of shorts.

But always remember what you feel comfortable in.

Maria Abajo, 26, a native to Madrid and content creator for brands and fashion influencer for many, reminds tourists that even though you should adapt to the weather, especially during the summer months, do so “but without losing the style that you have on a daily basis.”




Madrid Trends for the Summer

Creative Brand Coordinator and fashion influencer, Maria Abaja | Maria Abaja

Madrid being the capital is also a fashion center.  You will notice that there is a mix of casual and the popular looks of the time, but also a working attire that is both fresh and chic in classic ways.

Abajo describes Madrid fashion as a mix of European style with the many layers that the Latin culture provides, and that is what makes it diverse.

“It is a trend that generates trends,” Abajo said.

In the summer, patterns are very popular.  Ladies will strut the street in a printed pant and white shirt or pair a polka-dot blouse with a bold red pant.  They aren’t afraid to match the summer heat in look and in their big accessories.


If you are planning to wear shorts, go for a longer pair that is still summery and short enough for the cool air | Alexandra Ronnestrand

Keep in mind that summer in the Madrid city is a hot one and can reach to over 100°F easily.  Just because short shorts are not a go to staple for fashion ladies, it doesn’t mean there are no other clothing choices that are just as cooling and more suitable.  Dresses are a great item to pack that will take up little room and will opt for a casual to formal outing.

Like the many trends mentioned before, pack those patterned filled dresses such as polka-dots, no pattern is really off limits.  Most patterns scream summer in Madrid and you are sure to fit in but in an impressive way.

Skip the jeans, they are so heavy and restricting for Madrid heat anyways, and swap in a light, cotton pant that allows air flow.  Black or red or blue pants are common and pair well with many different tops.

Tops.  Again, in the theme of Madrid trends, patterned shirts are popular and serves as a summer regular.  Save the sweaters, long-sleeved shirts and coats for home and bring the basic white tee, some night shirts like a spaghetti strap black top and some more jazzy options.  Heat lingers in the night as well, and if you think you might get chilled, most likely you won’t.

Never overlook the shoes.  Madrid is a walking city, so it is essential to bring a good sneaker.  Sneakers can go with many different styles and your feet will thank you at the end of the day.

“Although it never hurts to put some heels or wedges in your suitcase,” Abajo exclaimed.

If You Are in a Bind, Where to Shop the Madrid Look

The leather bags showcased in Loewe. Leather bags are a staple of the Loewe brand | Alexandra Ronnestrand

There are plenty of shopping to do in Madrid regardless of the perfect clothes you brought.  From luxury brands like Chanel and Prada to for affordable and younger vibes at Brandy & Melville and Guess, you won’t struggle to find what you are looking for.  But what about those brands that are true to Spanish culture?  When in Madrid, why not shop at the stores that you won’t find elsewhere or at least won’t carry the same weight as it does as finding and buying that perfect and authentic item here in Spain’s capital.

If you are looking for luxury brands…leave the French and Italian brands for another trip and go to Loewe and Bimba y Lola, two Spanish stores that have maintained their roots identity.

Bimba y Lola is a splashy and vibrant brand established in 2006 and has been expanding into countries worldwide ever since.  Look for real leather bags of all shapes and sizes from coin purses to beach-sized bags; I challenge you to leave without one purchase.  But that’s not all.  Bimba y Lola has jewelry that speaks loud volumes and represents Spanish accessorizing to a T.

Loewe has been around since the late 1800s, but the fashion brand based in Madrid is anything but old.  Here, you can find original leather bags for men and women along with Fresh, young take on classic pieces like the plain white T-shirt or the great fitted blue jean.

Carmen, employee at Lady Cacahuete, wears 50s inspired clothing and accessories that are found at the boutique | Alexandra Ronnestrand

Looking for a smaller purchase?  Of course, there are favorites like Mango, Zara and Pull & Bear.  But while the brand is Spanish, it is less original and more international.  There is nothing wrong with that and in fact, many locals shop at the affordable and urban clothing shops.  Even so, you can find plenty of boutiques that are dishing out original styles, such as Lady Cacahuete.

The store owner, Eva, has been making the 50s inspired clothing, using patterns like polka-dots and bold colors that represent the 50s decade and the Madrid look.  The store also has accessories and shoes.  For seven years now, the niche boutique has created a brand full of flavor.

Don’t forget about accessories.  Anyone who takes pride in their ensemble in Madrid knows the power of a great pair of earrings or a sexy necklace.  Venture to Mya, a boutique that is filled with Spanish-made goods along with bags and jewelry made around Europe.  They have individual and adorable items that transfer a simple look into a personal one.

Mya holds Spanish and internationally sourced products such as necklaces, earrings and bags | Alexandra Ronnestrand

“The good thing about Madrid is that you have access to a lot of fashion brands where you find clothes of very different styles,” influencer Abaja said.

Traveling can be an exciting and thrilling time, but the packing for the trip can seem rather a tedious and daunting task.  For your next trip to Madrid, remember these tips and trends, and the once before scary suitcase debacle can turn into a stress-free and enjoyable event.


Fact Box:

 Bimba y Lola

Calle de Serrano, 22, 28001 Madrid

M-Saturday: 10 AM-8:30 PM, Sunday: 12- 8 PM

+34 915 76 11 03



Calle de Goya, 4, 38001 Madrid

M-Saturday: 10 AM-8:30 PM

+34 912 04 13 00


Lady Cacahuete

Calle de Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 26, 28004 Madrid

M-F: 11 AM-3 PM, 5-9 PM, Saturday: 11 AM- 9 PM, Sunday: closed

+34 915 32 77 94



Calle de Almirante, 30, 28004 Madrid

M-F: 11 AM- 3 PM, 5:30-8:30 PM, Saturday: 12-8 PM, Sunday: Closed

+34 915 22 27 95