Whether you’re moving or traveling to Madrid, it may seem overwhelming to meet new people, especially without having to go to nightclubs or bars. However, in Madrid, there is something for everyone, including many events where you can meet people from around the world. I personally attended all of the following events and made some amazing new friends! All you have to do is find an event that suits your style, then go out, socialize, and now you’ve met someone who knows something you don’t!

Meet & Dance

Meet and Dance Event In Madrid | Cindy Vu

One of the coolest ways to meet people is learning to dance salsa, bachata, and merengue! Every Monday, CityLife has a salsa night where everyone gathers to have fun and dance, no matter what level of expertise you are. The dance instructors are super funny and energetic and will surely get you moving. It was actually my first time coming here and the dance steps were definitely challenging, but I had such a blast! Don’t have a dance partner? No problem – most people there are also meeting new people and you’ll be dancing with someone in no time. And after an hour of dancing lessons, the ballroom turns into a disco where you can literally dance the night away to awesome music and enjoy great vibes from other dancers.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/LearnSalsaMadrid/

Mondays at 10pm, €5 entry

Se Habla Español

Se Habla Español Event in Madrid | Cindy Vu

Se Habla Español is a community in Madrid that hosts a ton of language exchange events from every Wednesday to Saturday. They also have social activities, such as watching the Madrid sunset from a beautiful rooftop terrace and catching a stunning view of Madrid while riding a cable car!

I went to one of their language exchanges called “Speak and Shake” at Manamá Disco, which includes free entrance. The nightclub is smaller than most in Madrid but I love that it has a great mix of both locals and foreigners. It was a great way to have fun practicing my Spanish while getting to know people and also helping them with their English! If you don’t have any plans for the night and want to save money, I would highly recommend going to one of Se Habla Español’s events.

More info: https://www.sehablaespanol.es/intercambio-de-idiomas-en-madrid/

Every Wednesday to Saturday, free entry

Rolling: Dance & Burger

Rolling Dance & Burger Event in Madrid | Cindy Vu

If you’re from the U.S. like me, one of the things that might remind you of back home is roller-skating. So I was excited to find out that there is a roller skating rink here in Madrid. While cruising around the skating rink under the disco lights, it makes me forget I ever left California. But also, there’s just more diversity of people, which makes skating and socializing way more interesting. This specific event is a great deal because for €10 you get skate rentals and a burger meal, and on top of that, enjoy groovy music and meet awesome people to skate with!

More info: https://www.citylifemadrid.com/events/rolling-dance-burger-indoor-disco-inline-skating-for-free-oct18/

Once every few weeks, free entry (€4 for skate rentals or €10,80 for dinner + skates)

Similar event, ice-skating: https://www.citylifemadrid.com/events/get-your-ice-skates-on-free-ice-skating-oct18/

Once every few weeks, free entry (€4 for skate rentals)

Take a Trip

Author Cindy Vu on a day trip to Cuenca from Madrid | Cindy Vu

If you’re feeling adventurous for a day, consider taking a trip somewhere outside of Madrid with a group of travelers and experience some wonderful moments together! There are plenty of companies based in Madrid that plan trips around Spain and other countries for a good price. I believe this is the best way to meet people because you will travel in a group and spend a lot of time with each other. I decided to take a day trip to Cuenca through SmartInsiders and explored the historic city with its guided walking tour and enjoyed the scenic, breathtaking views of nature. What better way to spend your day than explore somewhere you’ve never been and make some new friends along the way?

More info:

Smart Insiders – https://smartinsiders.com/trips/

CityLifeMadrid – https://www.citylifemadrid.com/trips/

Meet and Speak

Meet and Speak in Madrid | Cindy Vu

This is another cool language exchange event that is more casual and happens every Thursday. If you’re looking for a more laid-back environment to hang out with people without going to the discoteca, you will love Meet and Speak. Before you enter, you wear the stickers of the flag of your countries/languages you speak. This is an awesome idea as an icebreaker because you don’t even have to talk to someone yet before already knowing a little something about them. Then, you can just bring up something you have in common. Also, free tapas and cheap drinks all night!

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/626336721053862/

Thursdays at 9:30pm, free entry, free tapas