Undoubtedly, when visiting Spain, it is essential to go see a flamenco show if one wants to experience the Spanish – or more specifically, Andalusian – culture. Even though Madrid isn’t in the Andalusia region, there are many amazing flamenco shows that exemplify the traditional flamenco. The great thing about flamenco is that the music is live and authentic, and the dancers are incredibly talented. The flamenco dance is different than other types of performances because it is a more intimate experience. They also offer a great selection of cuisine to enjoy while watching the show. Without further ado, here are 5 fantastic flamenco shows to see in Madrid.

1. Flamenco de las Tablas

Located in the heart of Madrid is Flamenco de la Tablas – which, in a short period of time, has become one of the best flamenco shows in the capital. Prices range depending on whether visitors want just the show, a drink, or dinner included. Either way, you can’t go wrong with any choice, since the live music and professional dancers will be sure to give you an unforgettable experience, especially if this is your first time.

Price: ranges from €27 to €76

Las Tablas, Plaza España 9, 28008 Madrid

2. Corral de la Morería

This flamenco place has been awarded and critically-acclaimed by many. Their top artists and dancers will put on an enchanting show bound to have people feeling the flamenco soul. They also have high-quality Spanish cuisine along with their own unique creations that make the experience distinct. Be sure to book in advance for cheaper prices.

Price: €50 for show + dinner

Calle Morería, 17, 28005 Madrid

3. Casa Patas

This flamenco-restaurant combination allows people to have a drink at the bar, eat some tapas, and go enjoy their flamenco show with incredibly talented musicians and dancers. This place guarantees to offer top-quality service and entertainment, which has been recognized by many critics. In addition, every week there are new artists and different routines, so they are always changing and innovating.

Price: entrance €38 with drink included

Calle Cañizares, 10, 28012 Madrid

4. Villa Rosa

Villa Rosa shares its spectacular show which is open to everyone seven days a week. The flamenco spectacle is performed in a beautifully-constructed place that is inspired by the Arabic-Andalusian style of the Alhambra. In addition, this place offers gastronomy from the Andalusian region and does its best to share traditional values of flamenco. Not to mention, it is also the oldest flamenco in Madrid, which opened in 1911.

Prices: ranges from €80 to €130

Plaza de Sta. Ana, 15, 28012 Madrid

5. Torres Bermejas

This is another flamenco with decorated interior that is inspired by the Arabic design of the Alhambra – more specifically, the Torres Bermejas, hence its name. In addition, they serve delicious Mediterranean cuisine with a great selection of wine. Famous celebrities have been known to come and enjoy their shows. This place has also been featured in many films and TV shows.

Prices: starting at 50€

Calle de Mesonero Romanos, 11, 28013 Madrid