In today’s day and age, people have come up with inventive ways to work outside of a traditional office. One of these ways is through the use of co-working spaces, where people can avoid the boredom of working at home and crowded coffee shops – while still being able to be inspired by others who share similar goals and objectives. Instead of renting out a private office, co-working spaces cost less and allow you to rent out only what you need. With all the innovation and business in a city like Madrid, people have organized co-working spaces for creative minds. Here are a few co-working spaces in Madrid.

1. Utopicus

This co-working space has four locations in Madrid, each with their own unique architectural design. One building is designed to be sustainable (Utopicus Príncipe de la Vergara), while another has a garden area – and even beds to take siestas (Utopicus Orense). In addition, all of them have access to nearby public transport.


Calle Orense, 62

Calle Principe de Vergara, 112

Gran Vía, 4

Calle Doctor Esquerdo, 114

Calle Duque de Rivas, 5

Calle Colegiata, 9

*Prices depend on location

2. The Shed Coworking

This is a great place for startup companies, where people can work together in different rooms that suit their mood for the day. People will be inspired through the creative decor for each room. There are office spaces to work individually, or with others in a meeting room. When someone wants to feel more relaxed, they can work in rooms with a calm and chill ambiance.


Calle Hermosilla, 48 1º derecha

*Prices range from  €50- €550/month

3. Bee Lab Coworking

The Bee Lab Coworking specializes in helping foreigners or those recently arrived to Spain to adapt professionally and feel comfortably working. Their multifunctional rooms will be perfect for all sorts of ideas and innovation. Starting at €3.70 a day, anyone can start renting out their perfect co-working space.


Calle Asunción Castell 5 CP: 28020

*Prices range from €80-€195/month

4. Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a coworking space with a few locations around Madrid. With so much to offer, this co-working space is the center of innovation and entrepreneurship, where people can connect with other professionals and gain new ideas and insight. They have also developed areas where people can present their projects to big groups and collaborate with one another.


Barrio de las Letras, Centro / Alameda, 22

Barrio de las Letras, Centro / Gobernador, 26

Barrio de Chueca, Centro / Piamonte, 23

Barrio de Justicia, Centro / Serrano Anguita, 13

Paseo de la Castellana, 89

*Prices range from €20-€260/month, €15 for day pass

5. Espíritu23

Espíritu23 is a co-working space where professionals and companies can come together and get their work done, as well as hold events in their big spaces. In addition, they have multi-purpose rooms, where people can work on their various activities and artistic creations. Unlike the other co-working spaces, Espíritu allows people to rent out the space for an hour or for a day. They can also buy coffee, tea, or smoothies while they work.


Calle del Espíritu Santo, 23

*Prices range from €40-€165/month, €10 for day pass

6. WeWork

WeWork’s mission is to build a community within a co-working space. It is not only a place for individuals to work and make a living, but it is also a place for people to make a life. Working here will make one feel connected as a member of the co-working community. Everyone will be able to inspire and motivate each other, as well as doing work independently. WeWork also has a wonderful team that aims to empower one another and create the best co-working space possible.


Paseo de la Castellana, 43

Private office – €500/month

Dedicated desk – €300/month

Hot desk – €250/month

Other locations:

Calle Eloy Gonzalo, 27

Paseo de la Castellana, 77