YouTube is home to a wide range of content: from the endless selection of cat videos to the seemingly-endless tutorials and covers. However, there has been one category that has garnered the approval of most – from the overprotective parents, to the classroom teachers and university professors, and of course the millions of learners throughout the world. With that in mind, here are 5 of the most educational channels on the platform.

1. Crash Course

Hosted by some of the most well-known faces on the internet, Crash Course provides playlists of some of the most internet subjects that has baffled mankind. The channel offers courses in psychology, world history, and anatomy to name a few. Now, while that sounds too bookish and jejune, don’t let the classical nature of the content fool you! The lessons come with animated scenes interwoven into the videos! Here’s a sample:

2. SciShow

Created and sometimes hosted by the same minds that came up with Crash Course is SciShow, the channel that aims to answer all those burning scientific questions you may have had growing up! Or, just the ones that were never discussed in those long and grueling days of high school biology, chemistry, and physics. Here’s a sample:

3. Big Think