As the spring season is coming to a close, that means it is time to get geared up for all of the summer adventure and experiences that await. Some of the most popular activities for summer consist of going on road trips, visiting amusement parks, and most importantly, traveling across the globe. In order to have an amazing travel experience, it is keen that you are equipped with the right accessories for riding on planes for long hours, walking for miles around your favorite destination, as well as being ready to stay hydrated and healthy to fight off any sicknesses or allergies that come with adjusting to these new locations.

This list is a comprehensive account of luxury and affordable traveling items that others have found helpful on their adventures. In addition, a couple of these various items are even ones that notable travel bloggers and social media influencers have created as part of their own list of traveling necessities.

1. Beis Travel by Shay Mitchell

The Backpack | Shopify

From a durable, weather resistant travel backpacks and luggage cases, to fashionable handbags and luggage tags, Beis Travel is your one-stop shop for essential traveling necessities at an affordable price. From an expert in #Shaycations, Shay Mitchell launched her very own line of stylish travel wear and gear, called Beis Travel in fall 2018. Mitchell said, “After countless trips and #Shaycations, I realized that I wanted to create amazing, affordable pieces for travelers like myself and—in turn—everyone inspired to seek new places, meet new people and share the world.”

Available in black and beige, The Backpack is a necessity for traveling – whether one is taking a road trip down to the beach, or jetting off to a European vacation abroad. Its versatility and extensive storage ensure its owners are able to bring them along on any adventure they may undertake. Beis Travel affirms: “We packed so much function into one bag you can literally jam all the things you need for the day—or an overnight—and it still looks so sleek. The main compartment zips wide open to carry work stuff, gym stuff and all your life stuff.” This backpack adds an extra layer of accessibility and function to your trip, which allows consumers to be hands free to embark on any adventure with confidence.

Price: $62
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2. Global adaptors

Global adapter | Amazon

Commonly sold on Amazon, global adapters are essential for traveling to different countries, especially in Europe. Keeping our technological devices charged and ready for whatever the day may bring is essential to having a picture-perfect adventure. However, the standards for plugs and adapters can vary from country to country and hotel to hotel. Global adapters are just a safe way to ensure your devices are just as ready to take on what the day may bring as you are.

Price: $19.99
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3. Arielle Charnas: Vichy Mineral 89

Mineral 89 | VichyUSA

We all know how hard it can be to keep up with beauty routines when flying for 12 hours+ or staying in hotels that may not have all of the amenities you use at home in your skin care regime. Therefore, travel-blogger-and-millennial-mom influencer Arielle Charnas took to her online lifestyle and news site, Something Navy, to share her secrets on how she maintains such youthful and glowy skin. Charnas advocates for Vichy Mineral 89 as her secret to moisturized and clear skin when traveling. Vichy Mineral 89 is a combination mineral oil and skin moisturizer that nourishes and cleanses dry and oily skin while on the go.

Charnas says, “Vichy is a dermatologically-proven French brand, driven by potent and safe ingredients. I read online that 9/10 flight attendants would recommend Mineral 89 and 7/10 cannot live without Mineral 89 in their daily routine.” The convenient size of the bottle, which is able to pass through TSA with ease, and all of the natural ingredients that prompt amazing results, makes this product a travel necessity for maintaining healthy skin.

Price: $29.50
Read more about Vichy Mineral 89.

4. Cocobelle x The Blonde Abroad: The Perfect Travel Sandal

The Perfect Travel Sandal | The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad, otherwise known as Kiersten Rich, is well known for her famous travel blogs and social media accounts dedicated to sharing her life experiences as a world traveler. On her website, Rich is able to share her stories and tips she has picked up from different places she has traveled to. Furthermore, she encourages her dedicated female followers to to embark on their own international ventures, with her all-female comprehensive abroad program, TBA (The Blonde Abroad) Escapes.

One of Rich’s favorite stylish pieces to wear while traveling are sandals. However, she found it so hard to find a durable pair of sandals that could also accentuate as a fashion statement for any traveling lookbook. The Blonde Abroad partnered with Cocobelle, one of her favorite sandal brands, to debut her own sandal. The high-quality leather used to make the Kiki Sandal is handcrafted by Cocobelle in Italy. “The Kiki Sandal is a double strap leather slide sandal with buckle closure on an ultra soft foot bed with rubber outsole. The perfect sandal for a casual chic look!” The Kiki Sandal is made with expert craftsmanship and an emphasis on detail and comfort.

Price: $120
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5. Hydro flask

Hydroflask |

This sustainable water bottle company, which utilizes stainless steel bottles to ensure beverages remain chilled throughout your workouts, has blown up overnight on social media. Celebrities such as Jenna Dewan Tatum, Jonah Hill, Julianne Hough, Kim Kardashian, and more have all been photographed holding a hydro flask after or on their way to their workouts. Hydro Flask even named their very own brand athlete influencers to represent the company. In 2015, Hydro Flask launched the #UnexpectedRefreshment campaign, intended to encourage consumers to use the bottle as a way to not only stay hydrated on their travels, but also to personalize their bottle as a representation of all of the places they have been with it. Some of theses athlete influencers were Jeremy Jones, and legendary snowboarder, Kathryn Budig.

Price: $44.95
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6. Goop unisex flight compression socks

Compression socks | Goop

Launched in 2008 by actress and entertainer Gwyneth Paltrow, this lifestyle newsletter and travel blog – filled with products that promote health and wellness – has changed the beauty industry. Goop focuses on promoting products that are natural in composition that will benefit the mind and physical wellness of their consumers. Flight compression socks are essential for long flights in order to combat uncomfortable sweat, soreness, blisters, and any discomforts that can arise when your lower limbs are inactive for long periods of time. They prevent your ankles and feet from becoming tired and losing feeling.

Price: $50
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7. Evian x Chiara Ferragni Limited Edition Brumisateur® Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray

Evian Spray | Sephora

The craze for this product has taken over the beauty industry because of its widely-known versatility and skin benefits. Evian Mineral Facial Spray emits a light mist of moisture that aids in hydrating, toning, and refreshing skin. This product can be used by people who have oily or dry skin on a daily basis. Also, this spray can be used to a way to break up cakey makeup and add a moisturized appearance to foundation for fresher-looking skin. Evian did a collaboration with fashion designer, Chiara Ferragni, for their newest line of summer products. The new design of the bottles are “inspired by the brand’s story: star-topped mountains representing the French Alps, a bottle-crossed heart, a water-infused star, and a droplet of pure Evian water.” The Evian Mineral Facial Spray keeps skin looking healthy and moisturized all day long.

Price: $18
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8. The Jet Lag Mask

Jet Lag Mask | Sephora

In a collaboration with skincare brand Summer Fridays, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores were able to bring the ultimate skin-repair regime to the market, The Jet Lag Face Mask. The Jet Lag Face Mask gives skin a flawless appearance and, best of all, reverses the redness and puffiness in skin that comes from the lack of sleep. The social media influencers and bloggers, under the brand, were able to put this product in stores such as Sephora. The mask is essential for maintaining awake and healthy-looking skin, as well as smoothing out the wrinkles and stress that come with adjusting to different time zones.

Price: $48
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9. Luggage packing cubes

Packing cubes | Amazon

Have you ever had the pleasure of being randomly selected for inspection upon boarding a flight? Well, if you have, you probably know the embarrassment you may feel when the contents of your luggage starts to overspill over the inspection table. Luggage cubes prevent those mishaps by ensuring that your belongings not only remain inside of your luggage container, but that also they are organized and easily accessible. Luggage cubes are compact and easy to assemble. In addition, they can conform to any luggage, tote, or backpack you may use. They come in all different sizes, many even contain additional compartments for smaller jewelry and valuables.

Price: $19.99
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10. USB or battery-operated mini humidifier

Mini humidifier | Amazon

This product is proven to be perfect for on-the-go relaxation. Humidifiers have the effect of diffusing relaxing and detoxing oils and mist into your living space, and now their compact form will ensure that your hotel or Airbnb will have the clean air you need to feel your best. Unlike some humidifiers that make lots of noise with their engines and gears, this one is completely silent in order for you to have a peaceful rest. Humidifiers benefit your sinus passageways by adding moisture to the air you breathe, thus ensuring that you remain flu-and allergy-free.

Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas took to StyleCaster to say that humidifiers can also aid in maintaining the softness and smooth appearance of skin, adding an additional layer of moisture and protection. Consumers are able to use their very own water bottles with the machine to prevent some of the messy pouring that typically comes with humidifiers. A full bottle lasts us at least three nights. The mist emits a gentle steam that is great for people who tend to get sick when traveling.

Price: $24
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