When it comes to finding the right websites that help you find your future employer or for a future employer finding you, you want to assure yourself that you are using the best possible sites to help achieve just that. Finding a job is serious business and you are just in luck because here are the best websites that make it easy for you to find employment.

1. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most well-known if not the most well-known website for job searching. After you create an account you will want to type under the search bar of what job you are seeking for, including the desired location. After deciding, you are taken to a page that lists possible matches and their salaries (if provided). For applying, you can either do it through Indeed or will be directed to the employer’s website. Some of them will require a cover letter, others do not. It’s as simple as that and you are done.

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2. Glassdoor

For Glassdoor, you want to upload a professional headshot of you when creating your account. Glassdoor also has you rate your previous employers for other members to read and take into consideration if you choose to. What is nice about the website is that you can make changes to/update your resume through their website on your profile for employers to visibly see; just remember to upload your latest version too to keep everything updated. When applying, you can see company profiles, their ratings, salary range for different roles, company reviews, benefits and why you should work for them all under one tab so you can see what you are getting yourself into before applying which is always helpful.

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3. ZipRecruiter

When it comes to quick job searching and applying, ZipRecruiter is the option for you. With ZipRecruiter you can do the “One Click Apply” on jobs where all your information is sent to them and you just sit back and wait for responses. Although, not all of them are a one-step apply. Some will require more information as requested automatically by employers before application submission, or they may ask you to visit the employer’s website for applying. If you visit through their app, you are instantly taken to your feed of available jobs where you can scroll down and click on ones that best describe you. ZipRecruiter will also notify you once your application has been viewed and how many times it has been opened by that one employer—keeping you updated.

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4. LinkedIn

Not only is LinkedIn used as a professional networking website and social media platform, but it is a great option for finding jobs that businesses post on their profiles. What is great about LinkedIn is that every updated professional experience you have on that website is seen by future employers. You do not go through the hassle of the uploading and the updating the resume document because if you keep your profile updated and filled with professional skills and experiences, you are set to go. Employers automatically see your information once you apply because your LinkedIn profile would be attached to the application.

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5. WayUp

With WayUp, just like the rest, you want to upload your latest resume to get started and complete your profile, leaving no professional experience out. Like ZipRecruiter, WayUp has job postings that have the “One-Click” apply button or you can apply through the employer’s website. You can also see the employer’s company information regarding location, the start date, the type of job whether it is an entry level or not, and what industry they belong to. You are also able to know if the position is paid or not since some are unpaid internships merely for experience-growth.

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6. Monster Jobs

Along with Indeed, Monster is also one of the largest and well-known job searching websites. Employers use this website to find new hires because it is largely used on both ends by the job seeker and the employer. On Monster, you want to create an account and once that is completed you can start finding positions you are interested in. Their website is organized and direct where it gives you the important details about the position and the company and is direct in giving the information you need when searching for positions. You also have the choice to type your desired annual salary in the search bar under the “Salary” tab if preferred that way.

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7. Google Jobs

Ever dream of working for a large and successful company? To no surprise, Google is huge, and their number of employers are just as large. This ever-growing company is always searching for their next biggest and brightest employer to work for them and you could be next. Take a chance and see if there are any open positions that best describe your skill set. You can click on tabs to select a category, title, location and type of work if you already have your mind set on something specific for that easy find.

Check out Google jobs here

8. Idealist

If you wish to do good or make a difference for your career and that’s all that you want to focus on, then Idealist is for you. On Idealist, you can search for thousands of jobs after creating an account. You get to choose on filers if you want remote or on-site, the level of profession, the organization type, and even a category titled “Issue Areas.” Issue Areas has you pick between agriculture, animals, civic engagement, environment and more as your focus. You can personalize your job find on a deeper level at Idealist so you can feel that the company you work reflects your own personal interest.

Check out Idealist here

9. Amazon Jobs

If working at Amazon is what you want to aim for then check out their available jobs! You pick between full-time, part-time or seasonal work to fit your taste. Being located almost anywhere, finding the location of a nearest Amazon job opening near you is not hard. Remote work is also offered by them if distance becomes an issue. Amazon also offers student programs such as internships or student work for those who are still fulfilling their education but want some career experience in their books before graduation. The company is also located worldwide and almost any location is always seeking for new hires which makes them widely known.

Check out Amazon jobs here

For those looking for their niche jobs

Some people are unsure of what they want career wise, but if you find yourself as one of them who do have an idea or just know what type of industry or work you want to do, then check these babies out below:

  • Fashion Workie: Fashion Workie is a website specifically designed for people who want to work in the fashion industry. Types of job vary from internships, work placements, apprenticeships, castings, collaborations, full-time and events/competitions. Accounts are easy to create and manage. This is designed for those interested in both Fashion and Beauty. 
  • Cool Works: Cool Works believe work should be more than just a desk and chair. On their website, there are job openings at national parks, ski resorts, retreat centers and more. They are known for finding jobs for people in “great places.” If the life of working from 9-5 in an office doesn’t sit well with you, then check out Cool Works here.
  • Healthcare Jobsite: This is perfect for those who are going into the medical/health field. Healthcare Jobsite provides job openings that are healthcare related only. From Medical Assistant, to Pharmacy Technician, to a Registered Nurse—Healthcare Jobsite has it. 
  • Public Relations Society: If you are all about communications, mass media, or public relations then the PR Society is for you. This website lists everything communications related ranging from a PR Coordinator, a Communications Associate Manager, to even a Director of Communications. PR Society also lets you pick between working for advertising, digital communications, media relations and much more. 

If none of these niche job websites speak to you or you are curious about more, check more of them out by clicking here to broaden your horizons. 

Go on ahead and start creating an account under each of the sites and get moving! Your future employer is waiting for you on the other side.

Edited by Julissa Ramirez.