MADRID, SPAIN. With Spain in “plena crisis,” restaurants are coming up with more and more ways of attracting customers. As with every business, the idea is to stand out from the competitors.

Diurno already had everything going for it with the affordable menus – the Pack Diurno that consists of Pasta & Cremas + 1/2 bocadillo + postre + vino, refresco o caña, all for 8,60 Euros!

But the café in Chueca offers more: right next to the food, there is an impressive video and dvd collection. From the classics to the newest additions, Diurno offers something for every taste. You can even check online at to see if your particular pick is available.

Special offers abound: for example, you can get a “bono” which makes it cheaper if you buy a certain number of rentals upfront. Another option is to come on Mondays or Tuesdays, the Días del Espectador (spectators days).

But now, back to the food. Diurno offers both eat-in and take-away. The selection includes salads, pastas, sandwiches, brushettas, and a wide range of desserts, from brownies to granola to homemade tarts. Those looking to stay can hand over their main course to be a heated up; an electric device will start blinking when it’s ready!

A high tech establishment that prepares food with fresh ingredients at reasonable prices. No wonder it’s a popular pick among students for their midday snack.

Diurno, Madrid

Diurno, Madrid

Diurno, Madrid

Diurno, Madrid


C/ San Marcos, 37

28004 Madrid

Tel. +34 915 220 009