MADRID, SPAIN. A bar with a kitchen? In Madrid, everything is possible. Bar Tomate might carry “bar” in its name, but that certainly doesn’t limit its functions. From 8.30 to 2 a.m., this establishment is in operation.

In the morning, come here for desayunos, including delicious breakfast and coffee, which is served until 11.30. At this hour, you can slowly wake up in the pleasantly lit interior. In fact, the lamps in themselves are a spectacle – hanging from a warehouse style ceiling, they are made out of vintage maps in the forms of books. A picture says more than a thousand words, so check out the images above if you can’t quite imagine what the lamps look like.

The rest of the interior is equally welcoming, including elegant wooden flooring, on which every second chair is different. Attention to detail here is supreme, and not limited to the interior decoration. The presentation, – and taste, – of the food is equally high quality.

Bar Tomate serves a standard menu from 11.30 to midnight. Those who enjoy pizza will be glad to know that there’s a wood oven here to cater to your taste. But the real delight comes in the numerous other options.

For appetizers, be sure to try the alcachofas fritas (fried artichoke chips) – a delicious and healthy alternative to french fries. If you’re up for sharing an entry dish, head straight for the tartar de atún con guacamole (tuna guacamole tartar). At first sight, you’ll think it’s a dessert; the tuna is so sparkling strawberry red and the avocado might just as well be kiwi.

As a main dish, there’s pescados, carnes and arroces, (meat, fish, rice dishes). There’s Pallarda de pollo marinada en soja (chicken marinated in soy), and merluza de pincho a la plancha (hake topped with a tomate and olive spread). In addition, be sure to listen when the waiter tells you about the dish of the day, which can range from lentils with chorizo on a Monday to canelones gratinados (cheese-topped cannelloni).

For dessert, try the tarta de manzana (apple cake) or the brownie con chocolate (chocolate brownie); both come with helado de vainilla (vanilla ice cream). At night, you can top it off with cocktails – until 2 a.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, there’ll be a DJ to get you in the mood.

To be sure you get a spot, be sure to reserve a table in advance.


Calle Fernando El Santo 26

28046 Madrid

Tel. +34 91 702 38 70

Metro: Colón.

Every day: 8.30 a.m.-midnight. Thurs, Fri, Sat: until 2 a.m.

Bar Tomate website