SPAIN. “Rajoy ha muerto.” Rajoy is dead. So reads the front cover of the current edition of the Revista Mongolia. Those unfamiliar with the magazine might fall for the obituary, but if you read closely, you’ll find out that the claim is fake.

Revista Mongolia on sale at newsstand in Madrid

Revista Mongolia on sale at newsstand in Madrid

Revista Mongolia, a satirical magazine, has landed one of its biggest coups thus far – the front cover went viral on social media in Spain, and if you read the fine print, their writing really does make one chuckle.

Here is an English translation:



Spaniards [and beings of other planets]


Prime Minister of Spain

General Secretary of the People’s Party

Husband, father, child. Cyclist and Marca reader (Spanish sports newspaper)

has passed away in a state of grace on January 27th, 2013

because of an absurd accident in the countryside, about which you can read more on the following pages, and which could have been avoided had his family not had such conservative customs. Mongolia prays for an oration, a toast, a dance in the rain, a human sacrifice or hecatomb so that he may rest in peace.

Six million unemployed, thousands of public school teachers, dozens of thousands of students, hundreds of immigrants, millions of users of the public health care systems, the doctors, the nurses, the women who put their lives at risk in order to abort, the ones affected by mortgages, the evicted home owners, the dependent people, their families, the adolescents, the retired, the small business owners, the independent contractors, the laics, the atheists, the judges, the lawyers, the prosecutors, the trade unionists, those who voted for the People’s Party, the mongoles, etc. – we won’t miss you.

May you take as much peace with you as the tranquility you leave behind, Mariano.

Give our regards to Rubalcaba when you see him.

A few days later, the magazine posted an equally humorous note on their website: MONGOLIA apologizes to its readers. The magazine will revise its verification procedures, given that Mariano hasn’t in fact died.”