GLOBAL. The Guerrilla Girls is an organization committed to advocating for women and people of color in the art world. The Girls are an anonymous group that believes in wearing a disguise to keep attention on their cause and to continue the tradition of male masked crusaders like Batman and Robin Hood. The story goes that the mask evolved when one of the Girls misspelled “guerrilla” as “gorilla.” The group began in the 1980s and since then, has worked to bring back the “f” word, feminism. Their posters and stickers are the most common way the group expresses itself. The above image, taken at an exhibit at the MACBA museum in Barcelona, in 2011, depicts one of the group’s many works that are also available as stickers to draw attention to and protest against the inequality that women face. In addition to the art world, the Guerilla Girls have branched out into the film industry and other issues like rape, abortion and homelessness. Read more of the group and their cause here and here.