HAMPTON, VIRGINIA, U.S.A. If you are looking for that soul, that return to Floetry, that appreciation of the vibe, then Jamocha Joe’s is the place for you. Formerly Java Junkies, Jamocha Joe’s Coffee and Panini opened on May 4, 2013 under new owner Javiar Avery. Located in downtown Hampton across from the Crowne Plaza, the shop offers everything from tasty sandwiches to fresh muffins. Turkey Tuesdays are a major deal because all who order a turkey panini receive a complimentary tea and salad which averages to about a $4 meal! Not to mention, all Hampton University students receive 15% off of their order. I was told that the Bacon Turkey and Ranch Sandwich is the most popular item on the menu, so I decided to give the sandwich a go. After skeptically peering at the seemingly small portion before me, I took a bite, and then another. By the fourth bite I was in love and didn’t want the other half of my sandwich to leave my sight. With a cup of water to balance it out, I was surprisingly full, although the plump muffins did keep catching my eye.

Jamocha Joe's also offers the chance to enjoy live music

Jamocha Joe’s also offers the chance to enjoy live music

Besides great food, Jamocha Joe’s Coffee and Panini has Open Mic night every Friday from 9pm-12am. It is the perfect place to revel in the art of music and soul. Upon entrance, one notices the cozy setting and lively band. The atmosphere is fun, relaxed, and comfortable, and the musicians keep the music flowing while guests keep the songs coming. Everyone from poets, musicians, singers, comedians, and emcees are encouraged to step up to the mic and all are supported in this friendly atmosphere. The cover is $5 for Hampton University students and $8 for all others although there is a minimum age of 18. While I can’t attend every Friday because a student needs her five dollars, it is definitely a place to go every so often with a group of friends and a smile.

The vibe is definitely right and if you can sing: doubly so. I am waiting for the real poets to grab the mic because the only thing missing in the spot are the sweet sounds of lyricism.