MADRID, SPAIN. Life as an exchange student can be quite the literal journey. Nothing can prepare you for the constant ripping and running of travel, overcoming language challenges, and juggling school-work in the midst of it all. Whether you’re curious as to what Madrid can offer the avid waxer, or someone just in need of healing hands, these day spas will do your mind and body justice. Although the end of finals may be the only permanent relief from scholarly induced stress, these sweet finds will work for now.

Hammam Al Ándulus Madrid

Hammam Al Ándulus is perhaps best described as an historical oasis; Madrid’s Andalusí past is the inspiration found around every corner of this city’s most top rated day spa. Your senses will be encouraged to indulge in the antiquity of Almudena (the Andalusí for a Moorish neighborhood in Madrid) as you settle down to a Mayrit, or Arab bath. The hot, warm, and cold rooms teach you the power of thermal manipulation, each room catering to a different step in the rejuvenation and relaxation process. After your bath enjoy a message with your choice of essential oil, and if you can’t decide between the four (rose, lavender, violet, and jasmine), take a moment to find out more in the Aroma Center. If you’re looking for a different Madrid spa experience, a venture into this time-capsule dedicated to your physical and mental well-being, is a more than great option.


  • Bath and Ándalus Ritual: 60€
  • Bath and Massage: 30 €
  • Bath and Almundaina Ritual: 73€
  • Student Bath and Massage: 33€
  • Bath and Traditional Kessa Massage: 47€

C/ Atocha 14. 28012 Madrid

Tel. +34 91 429 90 20

Tip: Don’t worry if you’re not in Madrid;  Al Ándulas is a franchise that graces the streets of Granada, Córdoba, and Málaga.

The Lab Room

This beauty mecca began a new wave in the spa scene with its 2000 opening and has since welcomed the likes of J.Lo, Natalie Portman, and Ivana Trump. You may not be a celebrity but who says you can’t benefit from the same services that get Hollywood glowing? The Lab Room has a menu that offers even the pickiest spa-goer a service that is sure to keep her scheduling more appointments. Services range from the perfect eyebrow sculpt, eyelash extensions, hair styling, and the Rose Facial, to the Brazilian wax, manicures/pedicures, and premier lessons in makeup application.  Should you care more about relaxation than beautification pick from more than ten therapeutic massages. All in all, if you’re serious about looking and feeling good, The Lab Room is where you want to go.

List of services available in store

C/Lagasca nº 63, 1º D. 28001 Madrid. 

Tel. +34 91 78 11 411 / +34 91 43 12 198

Tip: To complete your Lab Room Experience, feel free to purchase their line of skincare products that work even on your worst days.

Chi Spa

Chi Spa allows the client to fully unwind from weekday stress with its combination of services, products, and expert staff. Chi Spa prides itself on its holistic and comprehensive assessment of each client and tries to incorporate the meaning of “universal energy/life force” (the definition of Chi) into every experience. Enjoy a full palate of spa luxuries, whether it is a simple haircut or their sixty-minute Anti-Stress and Aromatic Detox for 70€, don’t miss out on a day of personalized care after those seemingly endless finals.


  • Limpieza Chi Facial: 75€ for 75 min
  • Iluminador Facial: 75€ for 60 min
  • Salt Glow Body Scrub: 40€ for 30 min; with hydration for 70€ for 60 min
  • The Look (shampoo, cut, style): 40 €
  • Manicura: 25 €
  • Manicura Shellac: 45 €
  • Pedicura: 40 €
  • Color Change: 15 €
  • Eyebrows (wax): starts at 10 €
  • Bikini Wax: 10 €
  • Brazilian Wax: starts at 20 €

Calle del Conde de Aranda 6. 28001 Madrid.

Tel + 34 915 78 13 40

Pañpuri Organic Spa

“Anything that touches you is organic,” says Pañpuri Organic Spa. Experience how one of Madrid’s finest uphold their mantra as you help yourself to one of their customized spa rituals, Sang Thong Harmonizing Spa Journey, or their Mali-Montra Youthful Facial (not that your eyes speak of those three consecutive all-nighters). Emphasis is placed on restoring beauty from a natural, holistic, and Pan-Asian approach. All of the treatments incorporate millenias worth of tried and true methods for total physical, mental, and spiritual revival. Ah-men!


  • Express Shoulder and Head Massage:  50€ for 30 min
  • Express Facial: 70€ for 30 min
  • Express Skin Reviver: 70€ for 30 min
  • Mali-Anantara Energizing Facial: 110€ for 60 min
  • Traditional Thai Foot Massage: 65€ for 45 min, 60 min-75
  • Klai Kangwon Neck, Head, and Shoulder Massage: 45 min-65, 75€ for 60 min
  • Mali Moonlight Massage (Signature): 85€ for 60 min

Calle de Lagasca 90. 28006 Madrid.

Tel. + 34 915 77 56 70

Madrid Sol y Agua

Madrid Sol y Agua has been working since 1999 to provide dependable service to Madrid residents in search of a peaceful haven for all their physical needs. The spa veteran can be assured that her cortisol levels will lower once in the hands of a trusty staff member. Because this spa offers everything, why stop at the 19€ Belleza de manos (manicure)? Treat your legs with the Masajes Piernas Consadas (tired legs message) that can take away the week in just 25 minutes. Missing home? Add an “Experiencia del Mundo” to your afternoon starting at 82€.


  • Tired Leg Massage: 31€
for 25 min
  • Relaxing Massage: 26€
 for 25 min, 46€
 for 50 min
  • Lymphatic Drainage: 55€
for 50 min, 79€
 for 80 min
  • Dermo Regeneration Facial: 62 €
for 85 min
  • Hygiene Spa Facial: 41€
for 75 min
  • Belleza de manos (manicure): 19€ for 25 min
  • Manicura Spa completa (compleye spa manicure): 31€ for 50 min
  • Belleza de Pies (pedicure): 31€ for 50 min
  • Pedicura Spa completa (complete spa pedicure): 41€ for 75 min
  • Whole Leg Wax: 26€
  • Half Leg Wax: 16€

Calle de la Infanta Mercedes 36. 28020 Madrid.

Tel. + 34 914 25 07 20

Nenha (Focus: Nails)

If getting your nails done breathes new life into you, opt for this Madrid gem Nenha. But this isn’t just any spa, for the past decade Nenha has dedicated its time to the perfection of nail art—with an emphasis in gel manicures. Nenha offers beauty treatments and massages based on individual client need and want, all pertaining to (you guessed it) the hands and feet. Choose from anti-aging, nourishing, and anti-stress treatments for soft, subtle hands and if more of the spa experience is what your heart and hands desire, indulge in an Aromatherapy-esque massage that caters to hydration, tissue regeneration, and relaxation.


  • Express Manicure: 18 € for 40 min (color or French)
  • Manicure (regular and Brazilian): 25 € for 50 min (includes exfoliation and hydration)
  • Spa Manicure: 45 €  for 75 min (includes treatment, hydration, massage)
  •  Express Pedicure: 20 € for 40 min (color or French)
  • Pedicure (regular and Brazilian): 45 € for 60 min (includes callus treatment, exfoliation, hydration)
  • Spa Pedicure: 55 €  for 90 min (includes callus treatment, exfoliation, hydration, massage, mask)
  • Day Makeup: 26 € for 30 min
  • Night Makeup: 35 € for 30-45 min
  • Makeup Touchup: 15 € for 20 min
  • Whole Leg Wax and Bikini Wax: 27 €
  • Whole Leg Wax and Brazilian Wax: 30 €
  •  Gel Nail w/ or w/o Extensions: Natural-65 €; French-74 €; Color-79 €

C/ Jorge Juan 64. 28009 Madrid.

Tel. +34 911 39 77 79

Con Hilo Depilo (Focus: Hair removal)

Wondering if there is Threading in Madrid? I did too until I happened upon Con Hilo Depilo! Regardless if you are a regular to the swift precision of the thread, a steady waxer, or a typical shaver, the shop that will remind you all too well of NYC is worth a timely visit. This method of hair removal has its perks if you can bear the 10 minutes or so of pain, but should you not, don’t worry—Con Hilo Depilo offers eyebrow waxing and body services as well. And although it is known for hair removal, you can also enjoy a quick manicure or a Marine Mud Wrap (both for just 25€).


  • Eyebrows :10 €
  • Upper lip: 6 €
  • Entire face: 30 €
  • Ayurveda Facial Massage: 25€ for 30 min
  • Clean Facial: 50€ for 60 min
  • Manicure: 25€
  • Pedicure:25€
  • Marine Mud Wrap:25€

C/ Jorge Juan 64. 28009 Madrid.

Tel. +34 911 39 77 79

Auditorium Spa

Salut Per Aqua=SPA. Auditorium SPA niftily incorporates their philosophy of the meaning of water in the name of their brand. Here, water is a means to health and wellness and is used in every step of the many treatments offered. When services are rooted in the uplifting and rejuvenating properties of water, this ultimately equates to wonderful sessions of hydrotherapy. Let your skin soak up even more as minerals and clays supplement your desired service, which could be anything from hot stone massages to reflexology treatments and body wraps.


  • Essential Hydro Care Facial: 45€ for 50 min
  • Hygiene Facial: 35€ for 90 min
  • Bikini Wax: 8€
  • Circulation Ritual: 50€ for 90 min (March special offer)
  • Chocolate Body Therapy: 50€ for 90 min (Monday-Friday special offer)
  • Hydrotherapy Aroma Bath: 18€ for 25 min
  • Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi:10€ for 15 min
  • Reiki Massage: 45€ for 50 min

C/ Suero de Quiñones 22, Posterior. 28002 Madrid.

Tel. +34 91 515 33 82

Thai Room Spa: Thai Wellness and Massage

Find a new energy when you step inside of Thai Room Spa. Few descriptions of this amazing day spa do justice to its extensive investment in upholding the art and medicine of touch and wellness. Every aspect of Thai Room is dedicated to the full experience of the client, all five senses are stimulated to induce ultimate tranquility of mind, spirit, and body. This spa is further credited through its membership in The Thai Spa Association.


  • Traditional Thai Massage: 97€ for 60 min
  • Vedic Massage:97€ for 60 min
  • Sweet Tibet Scrub: 75€ for 30 min
  • Joy Wrap: 97€ for 60 min
  • Thai Room Reflection: 175€ for 60 min
  • Thai Cocoon Facial: 97€ for 60 min

Plaza Carlos Trias Bertran 4, next to Hotel Holiday Inn y Torre Picasso. 28020 Madrid.

Tel. +34 902 40 40 20

Salon de Tony: Belleza y Bienestar

Although considered a salon, Salon de Tony caters to many of the needs that can be fulfilled at any spa venue.  For the penny-pinching exchange student, 4€ for a more than average eyebrow wax is enough to suffice for at least three weeks. And nestled within close proximity to the Bilbao train station it seems even more of a win for those of us located in Ruben Dario, Cuatro Caminos, and Chueca. Come between normal business hours and the curtious and attentive staff will whisk you away to one of a dozen rooms located near the back of the shop; take a sip of warm goji berry water while you wait for your nails to dry.

List of services available in store

Cardenal Cisneros 5. 28010 Madrid.

Tel. +34 911 297 591 / 655 380 870