BRUGES, BELGIUM. Bruges is a beautiful, serene small city in Belgium. It is the largest city in the Flemish region of Belgium and it is Belgium’s capital. English and German are the languages spoken in Bruges. I spent a weekend in Bruges as a part of my university’s study abroad program. I visited the Belfry of Bruges, The Basilica of the Holy Blood, The Market, and saw the Bruges waterways.

The Belfry of Bruges is a large bell tower in the center of Bruges. It can be seen from various sights around Bruges and one can look over the entire city from the top of the tower. The price is 8 euros, it is 6 euros for people above 65 and under 26, and children under 6 are free. The walk up the steps is very narrow and steep so it is important to be sure to give way for others to pass through and to be patient. The Belfry shows a very nice view from the top right next to where the bell is located.

belfry, bruges, belgium, sighseeing

The Belfry of Bruges

bruges, belgium, belfry, sighseeing

View from the Belfry of Bruges | Amanda Al-Sayah

The Basilica of the Holy Blood is a Roman Catholic basilica renowned for housing a venerated relic of the Holy Blood of Christ that is said to have been collected by Joseph of Arimathea, and brought from the Holy Land. Upon a visit to the Basilica, one can view the relic of the Precious Blood which is contained on a cloth inside a phial.

Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges, Belgium

Outside of the Basilica of the Holy Blood | Amanda Al-Sayah

The Market is a very lively surround area of the belfry where there are multiple shops and merchants. From souvenir shops to chocolate stores to enjoying the famous Belgian fries and Belgian waffles, there is much to do in this area. The Museum of Salvador Dalí is also located right next to the Belfry.

market, bruges, belgium, belfry

The Market by the Belfry of Bruges | Amanda Al-Sayah

Bruges is truly a wonderful and peaceful city with a lot of history behind it. I really enjoyed my trip to Bruges and I would certainly go again. It is a must-go for travelers because of the ambiance and the sights there are to see even though it is a small city. I would recommend Bruges as a stop among anyone’s European journey, and especially a visit to the Basilica of the Holy Blood if one is interested in religion because it is a rare opportunity.