So, there you are, dreaming to fly to Belgium, the land of chocolate, mystery, Napoleon and art. If you wish everything would go smooth, then you should follow some tips before and while travelling.

1. Book a cheaper flight

Belgium is very well linked to the majority of low-cost airlines. I suggest to book a Ryanair flight to and from Charleroi. Why? Because the fees are cheaper if you flight to this destination and anyways, Charleroi is not far from Bruxelles and the other main Belgian cities.

2. Accommodation deals

If you are looking for a convenient and not expensive accommodation and you are not comfortable with hostels, let’s browse some cozy bedroom into the AirBnB webpage. The service is professional, respectful of high standards of hospitality requirements and hundred percent guaranteed.

3. Different touring guide

You might have planned to visit the most popular city centers by yourself or with a guide, but, why don’t try a different point of view from a Global Greeter? A greeter is a local passionate about his city who gives the tourist time and competence to show around the city from an unusual perspective. In this way, one can feel and understand more the real culture and life of a country and its citizens.

4. Explore new realities

Yes, if you take the opportunity to choose a Global Greeter, ask him/her which towns or cities are worth to be visited. You will find unexpected gems of art and architecture. Some examples? Well, Namur, a city of a massive fortress that had been used also by Napoleon. It has three majestic churches of different styles and it is quite picturesque. Another small discover would be Dinant, a center full of saxophones everywhere decorated with a large array of themes and pattern. The reason? Dinant was the native city to Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the instrument of saxophone. Moreover, the cathedral is a simply outstanding masterpiece of architecture and stained glass windows.

5. Take a French speaker partner with you

This advice it may sounds a little bit foolish, but in Belgium not all the people speak English or better, they pretend not to understand it and speak. So, if you belong to the bunch of brave hearts for whom “English is a pass partout everywhere”, just refrain to believe so and ask to your mates if anybody speaks French.

6. Chocolate

Belgium is the international hub for chocolate; Leonidas, Neuhaus and Godiva.Have their shops in every corner. Thus, do not hesitate to have a try, your palate will be very grateful, as well as your mind. What a better energizer to recharge yourself from a long walk tour around the cities!

7. Hop on – hop off

We know the perfect way to enjoy and understand a city and its life is touring it by walking, but sometimes, timing and schedule do not allow it. Hence, for big cities you might catch a tour bus like the red ones, as known as Hop On – Hop off buses. This way could be an alternative if you want to have a first overview of a city.

8. Boat trip in Bruges

Bruges is a fantastic and astonishing center! You cannot tell you visited Belgium if you have not been here first! It was called the New York of Medieval Ages and it is rich in history, art and business cores. The must-to-do here is the typical boat trip along the canals. So romantic!

9. The weather

Do not underestimate Belgium weather! It may be very cold and windy In August, but hot and sunny in October. Especially in these moments of climate changes you will never know. So, bring warm and fresh clothes with you all the time!

10. Travel by train

The best way to visit Belgium is by train. Usually, a single ticket train is quite expensive, in particular for people over 25, but if you buy a Train Pass of ten routes, you will save a lot and it is so convenient. Links are good and small cities are very well connected all together. It’s really worth it.