WARSAW, POLAND. Warsaw’s tradition in brunches is not new. The trend of the British-style meal was well accepted among the Polish — people who had already discovered the joy of different foods, new ingredients, fusion and the feeling of satisfaction after a bite.

Trust me, the Polish know how to have fun and treat themselves, and this wave of different types of food like burgers or brunches fits well in this fast-paced Eastern capital. Because brunches in Portugal are still somewhat expensive, I find myself like a little child in a fantasy world, where for 17 złoty (around €5), you can eat some fulfilling brunches. These Polish know how to make a brunch!

As a ‘brunch-lover,’ my mission is to show some of the best places in Warsaw where you can eat, drink and relax, whether it’s winter or summer.


It could be your living room due to all the old and mixed-style chairs. Some say it’s too hipster; I say it’s the perfect combination of familiar comfort with good food without any effort. Near the river Vistula, Sto900 is an all-you-can-eat buffet for 24 PLN which includes cereals, jams, muesli, milk, eggs with tomato sauce, small sausages, homemade bread, hummus and fruit, among other fresh and healthy foods. The restaurant is dog-friendly and has a rooms for kids. It’s perfect for any season and the perfect way to start a Sunday without any rush and with a full stomach.

It wins the prize of ‘Favorite Place!

Bułke przez bibułk

Every time I see their menu, I want to eat it all! Everything is so well-presented on the counter that it’s difficult to choose, and I could go there every day just to try all the different options. Located at Ulica Puławska, this place’s śniadania (or breakfast in English) includes pancakes, bagels with omelet or salmon, scrambled eggs with bread and a cute little salad. The common table makes you share the precious moment with other customers, which is a nice idea, although the space is quite small. They even have an English menu!

Croque Madame

The name is an alternative of the expression “croque-monsieur” (a french toast with egg, ham and cheese) which, with an egg on top, is “croque-madame.” In the center of the city at Nowy Swiat, this tiny place decorated in soft purple with personalized furniture is also a fantasy world of food. Although a little bit more expensive than the previous places on this list, it’s totally in a European’s budget. Croque Madame has tasty baguettes, cakes that you have to try before you die (!), mini croissants and a delicious and BIG muesli cup with yogurt and fruits. For hot days, try the lemonade with raspberry, peppermint and a slice of lemon.

Of course, all of them have a good selection of drinks, with black coffee, americano, latte, cappuccino, tea, fruit juices and lemonade, although drinks are not that cheap in Poland. Either way, let’s celebrate the weekend with a feast of the (Polish) gods!